Sean Raw Sapp: Samoa Joe Debuts, Raw Notes

Opening Segment

  • JeriKO are entertaining per usual.
  • Jericho referring to himself as a 61 minute man is excellent.
  • Strowman comes out and says he attacked Reigns to get the title shot Owens promised. I love watching Strowman improve.
  • Strowman vs. Owens for the title tonight!
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Sami Zayn defeated Chris Jericho

  • Jericho performed for an hour in the Rumble, 20+ minutes in a shark cage, about 10-15 in an opening promo, then this.
  • These guys both were in the Rumble match forever last night and went out and had an awesome, athletic match.
  • Zayn winning sets up a U.S. Title opportunity, but I don't really like that always happening. It makes the eventual title match less special.

Backstage crappenings

  • Outside of Gallows screaming "nerds," the Cesaro/Sheamus/Bayley/Charlotte/Gallows/Anderson segment backstage was turdy.
  • On the contrary, Kevin Owens and Stephanie McMahon played well off of each other.
  • Stephanie looked wonderful.
  • Mick Foley standing up for himself is important, and he was fantastic in the spot.

Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali

  • A good, athletic match that nobody cared about.
  • Austin Aries must be close to a return, as he's tearing Nese to shreds on commentary and a post-match interview.

Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon 

  • This was okay stuff. Rollins could be anti-establishment, but it's gotta get a little real.
  • I'd like Rollins to say that many look at HHH as a savior of wrestling with NXT, but he's the guy who keeps giving Roman Reigns chances. Give the fans a reason to not cheer Triple H.
  • Rollins talking about Stephanie McMahon's children sets her off. Good move.

Bayley, Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Charlotte, Anderson and Gallows

  • Bayley and Cesaro worked really well together, and their personalities fit.
  • The communication between wrestlers was great. The ref distraction spot was right on.
  • Bayley defeats Charlotte because champions suck

Neville's coronation

  • Nobody cares about the cruiserweights. Sad. Canned, shitty promos don't help.
  • I hate the automatic rematch clause.
  • Neville is one step away from a crown and a scepter.

WWE Universal Championship
Braun Strowman defeated Kevin Owens (c) by DQ

  • Strowman walks over to Jericho, Sparta kicks him and chokeslams him through a table. Well that makes things interesting.
  • There was a lot to like, and plenty to be concerned about in this segment.
  • For as Raw as Strowman is, he's always improving.
  • Owens didn't look like a scrub here. He was cunning and got a lot of offense in.
  • Reigns caused the DQ, but it was an aggressive Reigns -- the best version I've seen of him in a long time. He's regained some fire, it would seem


  • There will be a lot of people who didn't watch this and say it's the same old Heyman promo. It wasn't.
  • It kicked ass.
  • Lots of ass.
  • Lesnar challenges Goldberg for WrestleMania.

Nia Jax crushes Sasha Banks

  • Nia mollywhopped Sasha. Bad. But it was good. Cool!
  • Someone rings the bell. I don't know why, and neither did the ref.
  • Bayley makes the save, helps Sasha to the trainer's room. 

Enzo and Cass defeated Rusev and Jinder Mahal (w/ Lana)

  • This was worthless.

Rollins and Triple H!

  • HHH comes out and cuts a pretty awesome promo about Rollins getting injured and ruining his opportunity.
  • This crowd was total shit.
  • Triple H was fantastic in this promo. 
  • Rollins comes out and Samoa Joe attacks!! Wow!!
  • Joe looks weird in jeans.
  • Either way, he kicks Rollins' ass.
  • Samoa Joe is a game changer.
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