Sean Ross Sapp-Down Live (3/21): Podcast Notes, Title Change

Opening Segment

  • There's a funny opening segment where AJ Styles, decked out in WrestleMania gear, brags to Daniel Bryan.
  • AJ Styles says Shane McMahon wants in the ring with him because otherwise Smackdown plummets. 
  • He says he's going to meet Shane McMahon in the parking lot tonight and make it worse.
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Backstage Crappenings

  • The Miz Snickers commercial is the best, and it's not even close.
  • There is also an unbelievable mock clip from Total Bellas where Maryse plays the Bellas and Miz is Cena. This is must-watch.
  • Luke Harper isn't happy with Randy Orton.
  • There's a hilariously bad Randy Orton segment where he gets attacked by sheep masked folk. Then Bray Wyatt comes and does some stuff while the camera shakes and shit.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships
The Usos defeated American Alpha (c)

  • David Otuna is insufferable early on. 
  • The Usos are completely transformed with this gimmick, but haven't went over anyone.
  • I'm starting to resent how formulaic WWE tag team matches are, the first half of this follows that.
  • Chad Gable has to repeatedly pretend he isn't close enough for a tag.
  • Like most WWE tag matches, the match gets hot later on.
  • The Uso Splash is a very babyface move, but Gable kicks out.
  • A Steinerizer, belly-to-belly on the floor, a moonsault to the outside, a tackle into the barricade. This is getting wild.
  • Inside, the Usos win the titles on a superkick! Smackdown is really good about surprising us. I'd imagine there will be a re-match at WrestleMania.
  • Imagine Roman Reigns leading these two.

Randy Orton defeated Baron Corbin

  • Randy Orton teases an RKO early, but I'd like to see Baron Corbin do the same.
  • In Randy Orton matches, I always realize how all wrestlers wear is black. Probably because I have a lot of down time.
  • This match hits an awesome sequence of signature moves, including the Deep Six, Orton DDT and others.
  • Ambrose distracts Corbin on a forklift that everyone is looking at. RKO. Pin.
  • Ambrose agrees to the title match. 

John Cena (w/ Nikki Bella) defeated Fandango (w/ Breezy Bella)

  • Tyler Breeze is dressed up as Breezy Bella..
  • Fandango keeps making Tyler give John Cena tickets. It's great
  • Cena does his comeback and five knuckle shuffle. Breezy comes in the ring and Nikki spears him. 
  • Nikki and John do their finishers and STFs in stereo. Impressive for Nikki. Weird segment
  • I would love Breeze and Fandango as Miz cronies.

Becky Lynch vs. Carmella

  • This breaks down, and Natayla, Alexa, Mickie and Ellsworth are involved. Alexa stands tall after Becky dropkicks Ellsworth

Main Event segment

  • Rhyno and Heath Slater pull up in a limo that Styles stalks out. It's a diversion. Shane is in the ring.
  • Renee tells AJ and he looks befuddled that Shane would outsmart him on 100 minutes notice.
  • I wish the Mean Street Posse would attack AJ.
  • AJ tries to calm Shane down and apologize, but gets attacked.
  • Shane lands an elbow drop through an announce table!! Seems like his go-to when trying to heat up an angle.
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