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  • Holy Shit, Nia Jax is so generic and bad and hokey and cliche. Then she buries the kendo stick.
  • The Hardy Boyz were orange. 
  • Otunga and Sam Roberts were miserable on the pre-show. That being said, Charly Caruso has become fantastic at her job. 
  • Imagine how bad the commentary will be if they replace Booker with Otunga.
Composite Effects Suing AEW And Luchasaurus For Selling Merchandise Using Copyrighted Mask Design

Kalisto defeated Apollo Crews (w/ Titus O'Neil)

  • I love Titus as a manager, and Apollo as his protege. I also like Kalisto being inserted into the angle.
  • I won't pretend to know the name of the awesome move Kalisto did to Apollo Crews.
  • There were a few too many false finishes for my liking in the opening match, but this was a really fun watch.
  • The ending was kind of cutesy and predictable, but still got a good reaction.
  • I hope the Titus/Apollo partnership isn't ended.

Intercontinental Championship
If Ambrose gets DQ'd he loses the title
The Miz (w/ Maryse) defeated Dean Ambrose (c)

  • Dean Ambrose did a new move!!
  • This match heats up, they know each other so well.
  • How doesn't Miz have a move named "Mizery?"
  • Kickouts are so often lazy in WWE.
  • The spot with the turnbuckle padding and teasing Ambrose using it was great.
  • Holy shit at The Miz's vertical. Jesus Howard
  • Miz tries to get Maryse to slap him for the DQ, then pushes Ambrose into the ref as Maryse gets ejected. 
  • Skull Crushing Finale! Miz wins.
  • This would have been 8/10 if the ref wasn't a moron.

Backstage crappenings

  • Bayley has a good promo backstage that doesn't have anything to do with her growing up a fan or not belonging there. Shocker.
  • The Drifter performs. That's something.
  • MLB player Adam Jones is ringside dressed as Virgil.

Rich Swann & Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox and Noam Dar

  • Great ovation for Rich Swann.....once he's announced from Baltimore.
  • I've really enjoyed Fox and Banks' work together.
  • Kalisto and Rich Swann have both hit great spinning wheel kicks tonight. Aliester Black needs those protected
  • Sasha with tope double knees to Dar!!
  • Don't let the rating fool you. This was an enjoyable watch, just short. 
  • Phoenix Splash gets the win for Swann!

Raw Women's Championship Match
Kendo Stick on a pole match
Alexa Bliss (c) defeated Bayley

  • The pole cam is cool.
  • Bayley gets a mixed reaction, Alexa Bliss cheered big time.
  • Bayley gets the cane, but Bliss steals it, beats her up, DDT, pin.
  • Wasn't good.

Raw Tag Team Championship
Steel Cage Match
Sheamus & Cesaro defeated The Hardy Boyz (c)

  • WWE has a nice camera angle up on a wire somewhere.
  • WWE should bring back the blue bar cage as a one-off.
  • Cesaro was holding Jeff Hardy's whole weight dead over the cage. 
  • Psychologically, leaving the cage first in a tag match is MORONIC. 
  • Double Celtic Cross on Matt!
  • Jeff came back in with a beautiful Whisper in the Wind. A lot safer than the Swanton, too.
  • Matt can't pull Jeff out of the cage in time and they lose!
  • I've always hated the ability to escape through the cage door. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Submission Match
Neville (c) defeated Austin Aries

  • I'm not sure why the ref is counting these two out.
  • Aries really works over the leg of Neville.
  • Neville sells hilariously.
  • Bret Hart and The 1-2-3 Kid, that wasn't.
  • We have the old ring posts for this show.
  • Aries should have maybe used a submission that wasn't done by two other guys earlier in the night. 
  • Aries applies the Rings of Saturn, and Neville grabs the ref trying to get DQ'd.
  • Why is there a DQ in this match?
  • Even though the unclear rules are abundant to the viewer, Neville is taking advantage of them well.
  • Neville wins. I'm all for a dominant Cruiserweight Champion. Make someone special beat Neville.

Number One Contender's Match
Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt

  • Brock Lesnar is at home on the edge of his seat. Just kidding, he probably doesn't know there's a show tonight.
  • Shouldn't they add a second ref for 5-person matches?
  • A lot of fast paced action early. These kinds of matches can be spotfests and they're fine. 
  • Joe intercepting the Drive By. Good stuff.
  • If this for some reason leads to a Bray/Joe team, I'm cool with that. 
  • Reigns throws the best strikes of anyone in this match and it's not even close. Outside of those terrible clotheslines. 
  • Rollins scores a NICE double Blockbuster.
  • How does a running front dropkick outside the ring make ANY sense?
  • Spot time: Reigns spears Balor and Joe through the barricade. Rollins frog splash through a table on Wyatt!
  • Great series between Wyatt, Reigns, Rollins.
  • Balor sold the heeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllll out of that Superman Punch
  • Balor hits the Coup De Grace, but gets choked out by Joe! WOW
  • Brock vs. Joe. 
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