Sean Ross Sapp's Smackdown Live Match Ratings, News And Notes For 6/26/18

Miz TV

  • Miz brings out the Bludgeon Brothers just so he can talk and trash Daniel Bryan.
  • Miz suspects Bludgeon Brothers want to be the new Miztourage, and offer them roles in Ruff Ruff Ref. 
  • They're interrupted by Daniel Bryan, who is SPOILIN' FOR A FIGHT. Luke Harper seems keen on the idea of it.
  • This was really carried by The Miz just running his mouth for several minutes. Harper had one line, Rowan had none. They worked a lot better as Wyatt Family members, instead of hammer wielding foot soldiers. 
Former WWWF Star 'Jumping' Johnny DeFazio Passes Away At 80

Rusev (w/ Aiden English) defeated Xavier Woods (w/ New Day)

  • For some reason, Rusev is heeling again. I'm sure apologists will explain to me that it's a great idea after reading this.
  • Aiden English calls New Day's pancakes awful.
  • This match goes back and forth between no reaction, and positive reactions for Rusev.
  • This is very much a "play the hits" match in order to get Rusev a win.
  • Kind of cool that a year ago Rusev refused to debut without a title shot. At least he got one.
  • Rusev tells AJ Styles THROUGH THE SCREEN and says he knows AJ is scared.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Lana and Naomi run into the cast of GLOW. They couldn't have them stand more awkwardly, but at least they got the FEEL THE GLOW.
  • Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina want competition after putting Sin Cara on the shelf. 

WWE United States Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Eric Young (w/ Sanity)

  • Eric Young answers the challenge and he looks good early on, but they botch a Twist of Fate. It was a trash fire. Young moves out of the way before Hardy can Swanton him. 
  • If this were a class, I'd call much of this "busy work," but you know what? The crowd loves it.
  • There's a nice sequence that ends in a double cross body.
  • The Usos get involved and the match is thrown out. It's an all out war, Playboy. 
  • Oh, and without warning we get a six-man tag. 

Jeff Hardy & The Usos defeated Sanity

  • A gutbuster/axehandle lands for Sanity. They're a well oiled machine. 
  • Big man into the ring post. You know what it is. The crowd is wild for Jimmy Uso. He runs through his hot tag and runs his ass into Wolfe's head, but gets flying elbow dropped by Young.
  • AIR USO, but Jey gets German Suplexed by Wolfe. Jey is plexed into Hardy, who tags in and hits the Swanton for the win. 

Becky Lynch defeated Sonya Deville (c) 

  • A stagehand almost gets punched by Becky Lynch who is shadowboxing
  • A knuckle lock opens up a knee for Sonya, but I hate her taunting while her opponents' shoulders are down. Every time I see a pro wrestler taunt instead of going for a pin when their opponents' shoulders are already on the mat, I will bitch about it. Pinning your opponent to the mat is literally the entire point of a standard wrestling match.
  • Becky Lynch tosses Deville over the rope, and there's a lot of time killing during the commercial.
  • Sonya hits a nice standing Meteora in the corner, but misses a sliding knee. 
  • Sonya is knocked into Mandy, and submits to the Disarmher.


  • James Ellsworth comes out and tough talks Asuka, and says he is ready for her.
  • He takes his shirt off, and Paige comes out to make Asuka vs. Carmella for Extreme Rules. 
  • WWE Extreme Rematches 2018.
  • Ellsworth thinks Paige wants a date with him. Instead, Paige gives him a date with Asuka in the ring next week.

Daniel Bryan defeated Harper (w/ Rowan) via DQ

  • Harper works on Bryan until we get the big spot before the commercial, the atomic slam into the announcer's table.
  • Bryan works his way back and thows a series of dropkicks, but runs right into a Harper Michinoku Driver. I really enjoyed that spot.
  • Bryan also runs into a Harper dropkick. The two trade big punches and Bryan connects with a tornado DDT.
  • Harper was NOWHERE. NEAR. BERLIN. on that discus clothesline attempt.
  • Yes Lock applied, but Rowan runs in and they kick his ass real proper. 
  • KANE MAKES THE SAVE! Team Hell No is back!
  • Kane puts his arms out to hug Bryan, and Daniel won't do it. He gives in and the embrace is on. 
  • Paige announces this match for Extreme Rules. 
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