Sean Ross SappDown: Cage Match, A Great Promo, Ex-Uncles, Lawler's Gear!

Opening segment

  • So Shane McMahon's big announcement was that the WWE Title will be on the line at Elimination Chamber.
  • The idea that five people will get a title shot right before WrestleMania is stupid.
  • Miz and AJ Styles hit each other with some sick burns here.
  • John Cena making things worse by encourage them was awesome.
  • These five (Maryse too) were incredible.
  • Backstage Ambrose asks for Orton and gets it. That's another one that could have been on PPV.

AJ Styles vs. The Miz (w/ Maryse)

  • John Cena being on commentary (with his former tag partner David Otunga!) adds a lot to this match.
  • I'd like to see more heel vs. heel and face vs. face stuff. Why not?
  • Good match, well worked.
  • Cena gets involved and lays everyone out. A great way to spend a half-hour, honestly.


  • Holy shit, this initial dialogue between Nattie and Nikki is bad.
  • Natalya is throwing away all of Nikki's merch, calls Bret Hart her "ex-uncle." Heh.
  • Nikki shows up and it's a fight!! Oh snap! They went through a table!
  • This could have went without the first minute, but was a lot of fun at the end.

Randy Orton (w/ Wyatt Family) vs. Dean Ambrose

  • This was the first singles match between the two since summer 2014.
  • Smackdown Live is really, really loaded tonight. There are a lot of people who won't even get on the show, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • This was nothing special. Two guys who haven't evolved in the ring in a really long time.
  • Ambrose won, more problems with the Wyatt Family. Bray hits Luke Harper, and Orton is happy about it. Sure, cool. It wasn't bad.

King's Court with Dolph Ziggler

  • Oh, King is in his gear.
  • This seems like the designated "babyface gets his ass kicked in his hometown" spot.
  • Dolph Ziggler shows footage of him elbow dropping Lawler before his heart attack saying he was responsible.
  • Dolph admitting to MANSLAUGHTER.
  • Dolph threatens murder.
  • He settles for beating Lawler up. He kicks Lawler in the chest. The Heartbreak Kick!
  • Lawler got off easy. Dolph threatened to murder him a few minutes ago.
  • JBL falls down running to help Lawler. LOL!
  • Lawler screams at Ziggler. This was something.

Cage Title Match!
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch

  • What I like: That sweet turnbuckle smash spot off the top rope.
  • What I don't like: taking a commercial at 9:50 PM EST.
  • This was really good stuff.
  • Becky's kicks even looked good in the cage.
  • Yeah, unmask in a cage where the fucking crowd can't see who it is. Fools.
  • How in the shitting piss is La Luchadora allowed in the ring? That's the dumbest fucking thing. The refs have been BURIED this week.