Sean Ross Sappdown Live (5/15): Jinder vs. AJ Styles, Podcast Notes!

Kevin Owens' Highlight Reel

  • Owens stealing Jericho's show is fantastic.
  • Styles and Owens have an overdone "we don't have to wait until Sunday" thing. Fortunately I care about these guys, so whatever.
  • Jinder Mahal was the originally scheduled guest and he is pisssssssssssssssssyyyy. Also not good on the mic. 
  • Mahal brings up Ghandi, because he's such a heel.
Alberto Del Rio Trial Postponed Until August

Jinder Mahal (w/ Singh Brothers) defeated AJ Styles

  • I'm still learning Jinder Mahal's offense, because we just haven't seen a lot of it.
  • It's all pretty basic, but he doesn't necessarily need to be flashy. He had a nice snake eyes/stun gun into a running knee.
  • Kevin Owens is so good on commentary, especially at putting over other heels. 
  • AJ Styles is really creative in thinking of creative spots with bigger dudes who might not be as agile.
  • Tom Phillips called an honest to god Ushigoroshi.
  • Kevin Owens drills AJ Styles in the knee with the title, Mahal gets the win.
  • On paper, I'd be furious, but all of this makes sense. I'm cool with it. Gotta build up Mahal.

Backstage Crappenings

  • More good stuff from Fashion Files
  • Randy Orton describing why people don't like Jinder considering some of his views is funny.
  • I don't know about these Ziggler promos.


Fashion Police defeated The Colons

  • Byron comparing Breezango to the APA was great.
  • This is in line with Breezango's push. They struggled against a bad team. 
  • Falcon Arrow win!!! Woohoo!!
  • Usos come out and cut another great promo that is definitely not being written for them.

Contract signing

  • Shane McMahon being associated with this makes it seem bigger. 
  • Naomi calls their team the Royal Glow Fire, but she also called Team BAD "Team Best At Dominating," so we'll not go with that. 
  • Ellsworth is great. DUH. 
  • It's fantastic that Carmella was protective of Ellsworth.

Carmella (w/ Welcoming Committee) defeated Naomi (w/ Team Super Royal Glow Fire Or Something)

  • Tom Phillips literally interrupts people now to call moves as "OOH."
  • I bet those Naomi Speedball kicks look bad in person.
  • Carmella wins. This wasn't good. 

Randy Orton defeated Baron Corbin

  • Orton starts off with a headlock. Heh. 
  • This was exactly the match I thought these two would have, only a little better.
  • Orton wins. 
  • Jinder and the Singh Bros. jump Orton to end the show. They've went to extreme efforts to have Jinder stand tall. 
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