Sean Ross SappDown Live (5/9): Match Ratings, Podcast Notes, More!

Opening segment

  • Orton says he didn't lose because of a fridge, he lost because of Jinder.
  • Jinder Mahal says these people will no longer disrespect his homeland. I guess Canada vs. the world is back.
  • Call me biased, but I think a cameo from Muhammad Hassan and Davairi would do wonders, but Hassan is suing WWE. 
  • Owens, Styles, Corbin all come out and say standard stuff.
  • Zayn attacks Baron Corbin and the babyfaces clean house.
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Natalya (w/ Welcoming Committee) defeated Becky Lynch (w/ Naomi & Charlotte)

  • Carmella heels the crowd.
  • 22 minutes in, we've seen 14 characters and zero wrestling moves.
  • Every night I see people bump before getting hit on clotheslines and dropkicks and it looks bad. 
  • The springboard mule kick looks better than the old kick that Becky used to do. 
  • Charlotte helping Becky distracts her and causes a loss. Cool.

Backstage crappenings

  • Charlotte's attitude hasn't changed that much since being "babyface." I like that. This was good promo work  from Becky, Naomi and Charlotte until after Becky asked them to bond. Then it went all to straight up cornball shit.
  • Lana is allegedly coming soon.
  • The Fashion Files features an Ascension cameo. It's good. It's really good. 

Erick Rowan defeated Luke Harper

  • I wish these two would just beat the brakes off of each other, go through tables, and have a war, then hug. 
  • Lots of slams mean sustained "ooooOOooooH" from Tom Phillips.
  • Rowan wins with a reverse powerslam. Harper will win next week and they'll have a rubber match at Backlash.

Dolph Ziggler

  • Dolph Ziggler cuts a pretty good promo about being a crotchety old man. 
  • Nakamura wants Ziggler now, but Ziggler backs out.

Fashion Police defeated Ascension

  • I'm happy Breezango are getting a little chance, and the booking -- much like Mahal -- is thus far consistent.
  • The Usos come out and cut the best promo of their lives. They got "twelve days" over in ONE PROMO. 

Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin (w/ Singh Brothers) defeated Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn


  • This one doesn't really pick up until after the last commercial break.
  • Styles and Corbin will have some really good matches down the line. 
  • It slows back down with a rear chinlock, but comes unglued again and Jinder Mahal pins Orton.
  • Again, pretty consistent Mahal booking so far. 
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