Sean Ross Sappdown Live (6/20): MITB Controversy, Match Ratings, Podcast Notes

Opening Segment

  • We see the MITB losers backstage. Daniel Bryan wants to see what Carmella and Ellsworth have to say.
  • James Ellsworth cuts a good intro, and Carmella unleashes the "you people." She recovers and cut a good promo, citing some similar situations.
  • Charlotte goes off on Daniel Bryan backstage
  • A lot of people got worked hard by MITB and swear they weren't for whatever reason.
  • Are they not being plenty socially responsible by making it the biggest storyline on their show and having it as a huge talking point?
  • This isn't real. James Ellsworth didn't attack Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche in the first ever UFC title fight. It's scripted.
  • When does it become okay for men to be involved like women have? The first female buried alive match? Hog pen match? Can they win?
  • Some say that the extra heat isn't worth it, but I'm sure Carmella would beg to differ.
  • I've heard the kind of heat is wrong -- the crowd reacted in an awesome manner to Carmella and Ellsworth.

Big E (w/ New Day) defeated Jimmy Uso (w/ Jey Uso)

  • New Day have to get a run with those silver titles after holding those garbage copper ones forever.
  • Stop having wrestlers throw to still photos or video packages.
  • We come back from a commercial to see Big E coming back.
  • The Usos try to walk off, but get prevented. I think it played off of last night's story well.
  • Big E wins.

Backstage crappenings

  • Tamina is livid about the MITB decision, while Natayla takes a nicer approach. Good way to book Tamina.
  • Naomi isn't happy about the MITB situation. Lana wants another title shot because of Carmella's distraction. Naomi agrees for next week.
  • Becky Lynch says this feels like this is the land of handouts. This is good. There's a little interaction with Sami Zayn, too.
  • Randy Orton wants to embarrass Jinder Mahal.
  • Ryder is backstage making his case for a title shot. The Hype Bros will have the opportunity to regain their tag title shot with a win over the Usos next week.
  • Tye Dillinger does a Sonic spot. It got over with the live crowd.

Nakamura defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • This may be Nakamura's best WWE main roster TV match.
  • We saw striking, grappling, a ground game. A little bit of everything.
  • I don't need to see these guys wrestling anymore, though.
  • Nakamura and Ziggler brought it.

Kevin Owens Face of America Challenge
United States Championship
Kevin Owens (c) defeated Chad Gable

  • AJ Styles interrupts Owens, but Owens says Styles isn't from Dayton.
  • Chad Gable is here after missing months, and says he moved to Dayton this morning.
  • Forgot how great Gable was. I've missed seeing him.
  • Owens picks up the win.

Money in the Bank resolution

  • Daniel Bryan says they're in uncharted territory.
  • James Ellsworth back talks Bryan, and Bryan GOES OFF.
  • Ah Jesus Christ, here's the "everyone interrupts everyone" horseshit.
  • Would have rather had Carmella defend the briefcase.

Jinder Mahal (w/ Singh Bros.) defeated Luke Harper

  • Not a bad match by any stretch.
  • Corbin teases a cash-in.
  • If Corbin were to cash in at that moment, would it be a title match for Harper, too?
  • The Singhs distract Harper, allowing Jinder to get the win.
  • Randy Orton shows up and attacks, then beats up the Singhs.

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