Sean Ross SappDown Live (7/11): Match Ratings, Podcast Notes, Analysis

Opening Segment

  • AJ Styles comes out and lays down the gauntlet, makes an open challenge and John Cena accepts it. 
  • How is this not the most important title on Smackdown right now? 
  • Shelton Benjamin, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Tajiri, Lance Storm, Carlito -- I'd like to see a lot of former champions accept these challenges.
  • Kevin Owens interrupts, and Rusev attacks. Cena straight up said he was going to go after Styles, too. 
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Jinder Mahal (w/ Singh Brothers) defeated Tye Dillinger

  • This match was super boring, but accomplished a lot of things.
  • Dillinger had to get pinned at some point, it could be against far worse than the WWE Champion.
  • This was the first fight Mahal has won on his own. That had to happen too, with Punjabi Prison looming.
  • It further helped establish his finisher. He also cut a promo after saying he's bringing the prison next week.

Xavier Woods defeated Jey Uso

  • The ref wisely ejects everyone.
  • Kind of fitting that Xavier won with a move that made his opponent hold the top Alberto Del Rio.


Backstage Crappenings

  • Why do the women on Smackdown Live all interrupt other people? Also, Charlotte's gear is ridiculous, and Tamina wasn't good here. 
  • Who the hell is writing for Corbin and Big Cass? 
  • Maria is looking for Zayn and gets Chad Gable. Later, Zayn says he's tired of apologizing, and gets SLAPPED and cracked with a vase. Maria has never been better.
  • Dear God, it's incredible. Sexy Fashion Rangers. This is outstanding. Breeze wears a bra because he's not a hippie. Mojo Rawley is becoming a really pro wrestling actor.

Tamina & Natalya (w/Lana) defeated Charlotte and Becky Lynch

  • This is a pretty sloppy match.
  • Lana shows up and has a hilariously evil expression on her face. 
  • We get the "almost close enough to tag" deal.
  • Tamina won a match. This HAS to be a record for number of times Tamina's theme has been played in a month

AJ Styles & John Cen defeated Kevin Owens & Rusev

  • John Cena is playing the babyface in peril to set up an AJ Styles hot tag. I definitely never pictured that in 2007
  • Ah, the Aaron Judge shoehorned reference. It didn't even make sense. JBL just said "LIKE AARON JUDGE" 
  • AJ Styles vs. Rusev could be fun in the future.
  • A nice hot tag leads to a Cena/Styles win. Cena shows Styles respect.
  • A very mediocre Smackdown, which is a shame. Both Raw and Smackdown were underwhelming this week.
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