Sean Ross SappDown Live (7/4): John Cena Returns, Notes, Match Ratings

John Cena returns

  • The true evolution of John Cena will occur when they allow him to dress like a human adult. 
  • Cena says he's not a part timer, he's an all-timer.
  • Rusev is back and is mad he didn't get return vignettes.
  • Nothing like bringing Rusev back on a loss.
  • Three anti-american gimmicks right now. Cena challenges Rusev to a flag match. 
MSK Compare WWE Call-Up To Being Pulled From The Matrix

Win and you're in match
AJ Styles defeated Chad Gable

  • Kevin Owens wanted both men out of the battle royal, but Bryan suggested they wrestle for the spot. Gable takes exception to Styles saying he's not afraid of "a little competition." Great.
  • I've never been happier to have a split screen.
  • Styles' German suplex reversal ruled.
  • This was really good.

Backstage crappenings

  • We see Mojo Rawley looking conflicted, when Zack Ryder says he got them entered into tonight's battle royal.
  • Baron Corbin manages to re-ask a question in the middle of an attack.
  • Tyler Breeze is dressed as Renee, and asks Tye Dillinger about strategy. This is good. 
  • Maria and Mike Kanellis are interrupted on accident by Sami Zayn. 



  • Naomi is out. She calls James "Ellsworthless."
  • Daniel Bryan bans Ellsworth from the arena. Ellsworth is fined, suspended. 

Smackdown Live Women's Championship
Naomi (c) defeated Lana

  • SQUASH. Cool!
  • I think Tamina just claimed Lana. Oh well. I'm interested. 

Rap Battle

  • Wale is hosting. He gets a good pop. Wale's classic Wolfpack shirt is incredible
  • Usos make a Paige reference on Xavier Woods. It's alllllll over. Stop the damn match. 
  • That was a McGregor/Aldo level KO by the Usos.
  • There's a "Weenie do" reference that pop the Usos.
  • New Day are on the stool in between rounds being iced down but the Usos just follow them over and continue the beating.
  • Wale was really awesome there. He declared New Day winners because Usos knocked his shoe off. 

Aiden English defeated Randy Orton via DQ

  • Aiden is singing, and Randy Orton interrupts, but Aiden punked him out.
  • Aiden English punking Orton out is pretty in line with Jinder Mahal beating him over and over.
  • I hope the bell never actually rang and Aiden is just holding Orton in a chinlock in the middle of the ring to prove a point.
  • The split screen ends in time to see Orton kicking English's ass.
  • I love that the Singh Killer Backdrop has become a signature of Orton's.
  • Orton hits English with the stairs. ENGLISH WINS!!
  • Jinder Mahal is out. Something something ass punishing in the Punjabi Prison.

Top Contender Battle Royal

  • Ziggler is bounced QUICK. I almost forgot he was on the show. 
  • Fandango saves Breeze, but Rowan immediately throws Breeze out.
  • Man, there are a lot of directionless mid and low carders on Smackdown.
  • Good spot where Mojo helps Ryder, then eliminates him. Zayn eliminates Zayn.
  • Dillinger, Styles, Zayn.
  • I really hope Kevin Owens does color commentary when his in-ring career is over
  • Zayn throws Dillinger out, then Styles wins.
  • Owens tries to attack, but Styles fights back. 
  • A good SD LIVE! 
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