Sean Ross Sappdown Live (9/19): Match Ratings, Analysis, More from Smackdown Live

Opening segment

  • Shane McMahon just says he's gonna beat up Kevin Owens. That's really it.
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Randy Orton defeated Aiden English

  • Aiden English sings a hilarious song about Randy Orton being a tool. He's interrupted of course.
  • I love that commentary referenced English and Orton's previous match
  • Aiden English impressively reverses a back suplex onto the table.
  • It seems like I only see chinlocks in Randy Orton matches now.
  • RKO outta nowhere. It was neat. 

Rusev defeated Randy Orton

  • Rusev cut a promo, demanded a match, ran Orton into English.
  • Kick, pin.
  • Okay, cool man. I guess. 
  • Backstage Rusev says he can return to his country as a hero. 

Jinder Mahal Is Racist

  • Jinder Mahal cuts a really bad, stereotypical, racist promo.
  • Jinder Mahal is not and never will be Muhammad Hassan. Get the fuck over it and move along. This is a stupid angle and gimmick. This isn't the right kind of heat. I don't want to watch the dude, and I feel bad that he's being fed this shit. 
  • Nakamura laughs it off backstage.

AJ Styles Open Challenge?

  • Styles prefaces the match with a promo.
  • Baron Corbin attacks Styles before the match, but Tye Dillinger shows up and lays a beating on Corbin.
  • Corbin sells the hell out of his leg. He made Dillinger look like a million bucks on a chop block.
  • Styles puts Corbin in the Calf Crusher. No match. This was a hell of a segment. Really enjoyable from everyone.  
  • That was by far the best Corbin promo ever. It was fantastic. He says he's going to get even.

Charlotte is back

  • Charlotte thanks the crowd for supporting Ric Flair. Natalya interrupts
  • Natalya made to go out there and cut a promo on Amelia Earhart which is super timely because she disappeared in 1937.
  • Charlotte challenges Natalya for the title, but Becky Lynch is back -- finally. She cuts a bad promo, then Naomi comes out. 
  • We don't need Naomi out here, especially on the mic. Then Tamina, and Lana with her. 
  • Natalya hilariously goes off about not being a crazy cat lady.
  • Daniel Bryan saves the segment and books a fatal four way. Daniel Bryan booking Tamina in a match was saving the segment. Take that in.

New Day (w/ Xavier Woods) defeated Hype Bros

  • Hype Bros get a bit of offense, but we all know the score.
  • Good to see Kofi's injury isn't too bad. That trust fall spot on one guy is scary, though.
  • The Usos are on commentary. Not surprisingly, they're really good. 
  • No tease of Hype Bros dissension here.
  • Scratch that. In a backstage segment, Mojo says he's tired of losing and teases something drastic. 

KO via satellite

  • Kevin Owens apologizes, but says Shane McMahon has it coming and that made him punch and kick Vince McMahon like a trash bag.
  • Why is KO punching and kicking garbage bags!?
  • Either way, the promo is good and Owens is dressed nice. Him not ironing his shirt is the best. 

Dolph Ziggler

  • Same thing this week. Triple H. Shawn Michaels. DX
  • I wish I needed to take a dump right now. 
  • Can we just go on and do the Bobby Roode thing? 

Top Contender Match
Charlotte defeated Tamina (w/ Lana), Naomi and Becky Lynch

  • It seems unfamiliar to see Becky and Charlotte in the ring after this long, but I missed it. 
  • It's been since August 8 for Charlotte, August 22 for Becky.
  • Naomi hits the saddest sunset flip I've ever seen following a nice wheelbarrow jawbreaker. 
  • A Charlotte moonsault hits Naomi and Tamina. Neat. Also NEAT was Becky Flying Leg Dropping Charlotte when she had a Figure Four applied.
  • Superfly Splash doesn't get it done, and Lana gets involved. It all ends in Charlotte getting the win. 
  • This was enjoyable. Good to see Charlotte back near the top. Her and Nattie will have an excellent match. 
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