Sean Ross Sappdown Live (9/26): Smackdown Live Match Ratings, Analysis, Podcast Notes

Opening segment

  • Kevin Owens calls out (to no avail) Shane McMahon and says that he likes Vince McMahon, so imagine what he'll do to Shane.
  • Sami Zayn comes out to try to talk sense into Owens. This is a really cool touch. I love their history.
  • Owens says he's fine and says Zayn is just trying to steal his spotlight. 
  • This was exceptional as most of their segments are. They'll have a match later. Usually I have a problem with matches being done to death, but part of the charm of these characters is how they're always intertwined. 
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Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger via countout

  • Greg Hamilton is to Tye Dillinger as Tony Chimel is to Edge
  • Baron Corbin has a new theme, it's good. 
  • AJ Styles comes out to ringside.
  • They started the match during the commercial break, and I'd love to hear what you all think about that.
  • Solid match, and Corbin throws Dillinger into Styles for the countout win.
  • Corbin runs from Styles after a boot to Dillinger.
  • This is a good way to keep Dillinger on TV without pinning him.

Jinder promo

  • We see another shitty Jinder promo. He shows pictures of Nakamura.
  • I don't even have a clue if anything racial was implied or not, I just know the promo was dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooody.
  • Nakamura beats everyone up after one of the pictures "move" and he's on video. This is so lame
  • Yeah, have Nakamura talk with a mouth guard in. Smooth.

Usos defeated Hype Bros

  • New Day come sit in the crowd. New Day are seat fillers cause nobody's at the show.
  • This is quick. Usos win due to Mojo and Zack miscommunication.
  • This gets a few things done at once. It furthers the Hype Bros storyline and New Day vs. Usos is happening in the cell. I'm down for all of that.


  • Smackdown has been really good lately about getting guys on TV even when they don't have a program -- specifically Aiden English. 
  • I love Aiden English being the heels' favorite singer.
  • It's named Rusev day in Bulgaria or something, and he's given a key.
  • Randy Orton attacks during a song and RKOs everyone. This segment was a lot of fun outside of Rusev's dumb "this is my jungle now" line.
  • Hitting RKOs is what Orton does best. Keep him doing that. 
  • Aiden English's song is better than Snoop Dogg's 2k18 song

Charlotte defeated Carmella

  • Carmella is back to her old gear.
  • Carmella's selling outside during the commercial was hilarious.
  • I'm almost not used to seeing Charlotte wrestle on TV now. 
  • Carmella controls the majority of this match. Also, she has Ellsworth on a leash tethered to the turnbuckle.
  • Ugly as hell reverse DDT from Carmella.
  • A big boot pins Carmella. She's been using that a lot lately. 
  • Natalya comes out and cuts a bad promo on Charlotte.

Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler

  • Ziggler comes out as The Undertaker. This is his best one yet.
  • Those are actually Undertaker's gloves.
  • Bobby Roode comes out, as we've noted was the plan on the Podcast.
  • They're facing each other at Hell in a Cell.
  • Fashion Files are back next week.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn via TKO

  • This is a Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn match. They aren't afraid to hurt one another.
  • A brainbuster on the apron, Sami's tornado DDT, a couple of big Owens superkicks, Blue Thunder Bomb -- their chemistry is great. 
  • Zayn hits his big dive outside, and Shane McMahon is in the house as Owens powerbombs Zayn on the apron.
  • That match was good, per usual from these two. 
  • Owens tosses a chair-wrapped Zayn into Shane to close an underwhelming show.
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