Sean Ross SappDown: New Rumble Entrants, Cena vs. Corbin, Terrible Match

Ambrose Asylum

  • We get the usual cutesy stuff out of Ambrose.
  • Miz comes out and threatens legal action, good heel stuff here.
  • Both men enter the Royal Rumble, which is pretty stacked early on. 
  • Miz attacks Dean Ambrose. Nothing great, but solid.
Dexter Lumis: I've Been Drawing Since I Was A Little Kid, I Have An Art Degree

Nikki and Natalya

  • These two were best friends? Eh? Why? No they weren't.
  • They beat the crap out of each other, a pretty good brawl.
  • Natalya stands tall for once! Great!

 Dolph Ziggler speaks, loses to Kalisto

  • Dasha Fuentes messed up again. Jeez. What is it they like about her? There are plenty of qualified people who can do that job.
  • Ziggler doesn't speak. I'm intrigued.
  • Ziggler has changed up his in-ring style. Long overdue.
  • He had some nice scummy offense, but Kalisto surprises him with a pin.
  • Dolph attacks Kalisto, and then Crews, who tries to make the save.

Smackdown Tag Team Championships
American Alpha (c) defeated Wyatt Family (w/ Luke Harper)

  • American Alpha did a backstage promo. It wasn't bad.
  • WWE used a weird entrance angle that shows how much smaller their arenas are these days.
  • God, Otunga is terrible on color commentary.
  • Gable and Wyatt work really well together. I guess it's been a while since I've seen someone have that type of chemistry with Bray Wyatt.
  • This was just an interesting, good match overall. It teased dissension between the Wyatt Family.
  • JBL called Orton one of the great "closers" in WWE history. I like that tagline.
  • American Alpha capitalize on Orton/Wyatt miscommunication and win.
  • Harper accidentally kicks Wyatt, who sells it like a million bucks.

Big Match Booked

  • Becky and Alexa next week in a steel cage for the title.
  • Yeah, they forced another Golden Globes reference. Ugh

Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth) beat Thunderkitty

  • Ellsworth helped Carmella win. This is good stuff.
  • Thunderkitty was terrible in this match. From executing moves, to rolling out of the ring, to taking moves.
  • Someone should tell her the point of a kickout is to get your shoulders up.
  • Carmella submits her and I'm willing to bet she won't get more extra work there for a while.
  • If you wondered why WWE laid off of enhancement talents for a while, when you see someone who has been around that long and sucks that bad, that's why.
  • Ellsworth is going on a shopping spree. He says he hasn't bought a new suit since the time he was supposed to graduate high school.

Baron Corbin vs. John Cena 

  • Corbin cut a pretty good promo before the match. He had a lot more authority.
  • Corbin dominated this match. It's a different style than we've seen lately, because Cena is composed much differently.
  • Cena with a nice tornado DDT!
  • AJ Styles calls out Mauro Ranallo for incorrectly calling a sidewalk slam a Deep Six. He did it in a way that didn't bury Ranallo.
  • Cena. AA. Pin. Well. Okay.
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