Sean Ross SappDown: Podcast Notes, AJ's Attack, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, More

Opening segment

  • Tom Phillips and JBL are in the booth. Otunga and Mauro got snowed out.
  • AJ Styles is pissed about losing his title shot. Daniel Bryan bows up to him, and Styles says DB knows he can't do anything. "Slapping the kale chips out of Bryan's mouth"  was a great line.
  • Styles cuts a promo in the ring, and it's fire. Despite the use of "you see." He airs his grievances. His hair is the only thing keeping him heel.
  • Who are the "they" that call WrestleMania the "Ultimate Thrill Ride?" 
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Becky Lynch defeated Natalya

  • Becky Lynch gets aggressive, and actually ends up applying an STF
  • During the commercial, Natalya hits a sick Michinoku Driver outside the ring.
  • This may be news, but Natalya trained at the Dungeon.
  • There was a really convoluted setup for the Disarmher.
  • Carmella shows up and superkicks both women.

Miz TV

  • They show Miz and Maryse on fire from Talking Smack last week. This is great. More stuff from Talking Smack should be played for the live crowd.
  • Maryse says that Nikki was her friend, and refused to get her back in the WWE. 
  • Maryse says Nikki leveraged her relationship to take advantage of her and said Nikki called herself "untouchable."
  • Nikki Bella is untouchable, but John Cena is forcing her to feel him.
  • I don't know how Cena and Nikki are babyfaces here.
  • Daniel Bryan comes out and makes Cena & Nikki Bella vs. Miz & Maryse for WrestleMania.

Mickie James defeated Alexa Bliss

  • WWE seems dead set on not having any first time matches on PPV events. I guess Alexa is technically facing Mickie at WrestleMania.
  • Alexa's heel turn was such a transformation. It fits her so well, especially in the ring.
  • Mickie saved a couple of sloppy spots at the last second. Alexa still drops Mickie on her head.
  • This crowd is silent. 
  • I hate to keep trashing the pants (not really), but they make kicks from Mickie James look bad.
  • This was a rough, bad match.

Backstage Crappenings

  • AJ Styles attacks Shane McMahon and throws him through a car window.
  • More shaky camera! Cut that shit out! Daniel Bryan FIRES AJ Styles. Nice twist there.
  • Baron Corbin re-asks a question that is asked to him backstage. Heh.

Mojo Rawley defeated Dolph Ziggler via countout

  • This is being used to build the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. 
  • Ziggler still has a hell of a dropkick.
  • Ziggler is playing the old angry "get off my lawn" guy that was accused of holding him down for years. 
  • Dolph ends up getting tossed over the top rope by Mojo to put over the battle royal aspect.

Randy Orton

  • Orton says he couldn't beat the Wyatts, so he joined them, then found out what would make Bray Wyatt the weakest, and now Bray is alone.
  • Bray pops up on the screen. He says Sister Abigail is the spawn of Satan, but she bestowed her power on him. He's the lord of lords. Sweet, dude.
  • Wyatt rubs her ashes all over him and screams. Uh. Katie Vick ain't got shit on this.

Usos defeated American Alpha

  • American Alpha as the main event in Pittsburgh seems like a big ANGLE. Psych.
  • "We want Angle" chants. 
  • The Usos have reinvented themselves and it's great.
  • This match is just fine, but this is among the worst crowds I've ever seen. 
  • The Usos win, but it's not for a title? Eh? Weird.
  • This was a pretty weak episode of Smackdown
  • Oh yeah, Shane comes out and says AJ Styles has an opponent for WrestleMania.


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