Sean Ross Sappdown(3/28): Podcast Notes, Mania Go-Home Show, Miz TV, Naomi Returns

Contract signing!

  • That YA BOY shirt front and center, per usual.
  • Shane McMahon puts over AJ Styles as one of the greatest talents in wrestling history. He is.
  • AJ Styles reminds Shane that if he's out of the ring for longer than ten seconds, it's over. No weapons can be used, it's Styles' world.
  • This is damn good.
  • They didn't shake hands, but as Anna pointed out, there was a solid hair flip.
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Becky Lynch vs. Carmella (w/ James Ellsworth)

  • James Ellsworth's music fits so well. He's here to accompany Carmella against Becky.
  • Ellsworth trying to heel is the BEST. Lynch's reaction is even better.
  • I'm not sure how much WWE is paying Ellsworth, but they've already seen their return. He's great.
  • Carmella would dress Ellsworth in sweatpants with pockets at the knees
  • Mickie is on commentary, and so is Alexa. That's all the cameraman gives a shit about. I mean like a solid minute, the camera is off of the action.
  • Alexa and Mickie get into it and it carries into the ring. This is now a tag team match, PLAYA.
  • Mickie James sold a punch really well, but I couldn't stop looking at her dumb pants.
  • Natalya gets involved. This whole thing is a hilarious mess. Ellsworth trips Becky and Carmella wins.
  • Naomi is back! She hits a great huracanrana on Natalya, and lays out the other heels.
  • Naomi announces she's in the Mania match.

Backstage crappenings

  • Breezy Bella wants in the Smackdown Women's title match, but Daniel Bryan isn't buying it. Instead, he offers Fandango and Breeze spots in the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal and a ten man tag tonight.
  • Breezango and Daniel Bryan can be the next Edge, Christian and Foley.

Miz TV

  • It's a new episode of Total Bellas. Miz and Maryse are the best thing about WWE. I can't do this segment justice.
  • Fake Cena and Nikki are having dinner. Miz is wearing a fake "big man" outfit, and emulates Daniel Bryan and Brie, too.
  • Cena's house rules are incredible.
  • Maryse says that the Kids Choice Awards is the closest that Nikki will get to having kids.
  • Miz calls them "Total Bullshit"
  • Cena comes out and says Miz is using Maryse to be on Total Divas, and she never did anything in WWE. 
  • Cena accuses Miz of "firing blanks" and brings up Miz leaving to do movies. 
  • Cena is UNLOADING on Miz and Maryse.
  • Then he calls Miz a pussy. Well damn, bro.
  • Let Miz & Maryse vs. Cena & Nikki go on last. Just do it.
  • Is creepy makeout session the Cena/Bella signature taunt?
  • This was nothing short of one of the best non-wrestling segments I've seen.

Ten-man tag

  • This is every generic American Alpha tag match until the Mojo Rawley hot tag.
  • Tom Phillips calls every move as "oh!" is annoying.
  • The babyfaces win. The end was fun, but the Phillips calls took it down a peg for me.

Bray Wyatt defeated Luke Harper

  • Luke Harper has some newish gear. Looks like Ambrose's
  • Harper with a senton atomico!!
  • Wyatt says something to Harper, hits a Sister Abigail.
  • Randy Orton says some weird shit. I dunno, man.
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