Sean Waltman: Eric Bischoff And The Big Show Should Be In The WWE Hall of Fame As Part Of The NWO

On the recent episode of #XPAC12360, Sean ‘X-PAC’ Waltman talks about being inducted back to back into the WWE Hall of Fame. This year he will be inducted as part of the NWO with Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash.

Below are some highlights from the show. You can check out the full podcast in the video at the top of the page or download the podcast at this link.

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Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman On Going Into The WWE Hall of Fame For a Second Time, This Time with the NWO:

I am happy, obviously I am grateful… No one has ever gone in back to back years, I would venture to say it’s probably never gonna happen again. If they’re handing out NWO Hall of Fame rings I am definitely gonna go get mine. And I kinda expected that some people were gonna be like ‘oh what’s X-Pac doing in there?’ Some people, maybe when they started watching, I was already gone or some people know what I did there and they still aren’t impressed or whatever. But I am definitely not turning it down.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Says Eric Bischoff and The Big Show Should Also Be Going Into the WWE Hall of Fame As Part of the NWO:

I am bummed out that Eric Bischoff is not in on it. I actually feel bad about that...Thinking about just everything from the early NWO days and it’s really making me think again. I’ve talked about how bad I feel about Eric not being in on this but {Big}Show was right there with us ...definitely those two...I am just thinking about how we felt as a unit behind the scenes and the bond that we all shared. We were together every night, we would do Nitro, go back to the hotel and we’d all get together and we’d watch watch the replay down at the bar and it was great.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman On What This Hall of Fame Induction Means To Him:

Now I get to do it with Scott {Hall) and Kev {Kevin Nash}. It’s not that I’ve never thought of myself as the singles star or anything like that. I just really loved and still do being part of something bigger than myself. Being part of something great. And being a meaningful part of something great. I love that. And regardless of whether it was NWO or DX. I knew my role. And I played it well…. Just my whole life in general, looking back now. There’s billions of people on this earth and I ended up with this life. And it’s what we make of it but still. Just having all the right circumstances for this to even be possible. I am overwhelmed when I think about my life in general. And the impact I’ve been able to have on people and being able to live our dreams, all these things, they are just amazing. And this is part of that. It blows me away it really does, I am so amazed at this life I was blessed with its f**ken incredible to me.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Selects The Three People That Should Also Be Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame Class:

Here are the people I feel should be in the Hall of Fame this year. Christian, for sure, former WWE World Champion, it’s crazy to me that he’s not in… William Regal, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I think this is the year for him and if not, soon and Kane.

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