Sean Waltman: Lisa Got A Standing Ovation For Tackling Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore went about eleven months between WWE appearances, but don't look for the company to acknowledge his most recent one.

The former Cruiserweight Champion appeared at Survivor Series to cause a distraction in the crowd, using it as a publicity stunt for his rap career. He was quickly ejected by WWE security, and taken out of the arena. 

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On a recent episode of his X-Pac 12360 Podcast, Sean Waltman opened up about Enzo Amore and his ejection from Survivor Series.

Some people want to compare this to let’s say to our invasion of WCW...that’s not how you do it, if you’re going to do something like that you don't come in and sit there … I am not exactly sure what he was waiting for. So I was in the back, they {WWE} figured it out right away because everyone started tweeting pictures of him so they knew...First of all now they know he’s there so there’s no way he’s getting any camera time cause they’re gonna make sure that the cameras are not gonna be on him, they know right where he’s at. So they send security and as soon as he sees security I guess that’s when he got up on the chair… She {Lisa/Security Guard} got a standing ovation from the talent in the back.{For tackling him}...

Besides the fact that it was incredibly disrespectful to everyone in the match, putting that all aside if you're gonna go do that, when you're ready to do it, you just go in and you do it, you don’t wait…

I think it was disrespectful because there were guys in the ring working. He tried to take away from them so that's disrespectful to the guys in the ring. And honestly my gut reaction was  ‘is this a work? Are these guys in on it?’ I think that comes from just being in the business for so long, you sometimes think everything is a work but if it’s not it’s just disrespectful to the guys in the ring. If I am in the ring busting my ass and I find out one of the boys is out in the crowd trying to take away from it, we’re gonna have a conversation in the back. And that has happened at shows...I don’t know where he’s {Enzo} at in his life if it’s just a publicity stunt and I don’t know the guy at all so I don’t know where his head is at. Hopefully he can find some kind of success that brings him happiness in his life.


Amore was banned from the Staples Center for the remaining WWE events that week, and was told that he "burned his bridge" with WWE.

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