Sean Waltman Recalls Being Fired For Revealing Ric Flair’s Bare Ass On TV

Sean Waltman's latest X-Pac 12360 Podcast is up, and sees him sharing his thoughts on a variety of topics. You can see highlights below, or the full podcast at this link.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Tells The Story of When He First Got Fired by WCW For Pulling Ric Flair’s Trunks Down

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Just to give a little back story. This tweet, “ Eric fired & rehired me the same night for pulling Ric's trunks down, showing his ass on tv. I was already on the sh*t list for using profanity picked up live on Nitro a few weeks earlier. ” So a few weeks earlier, Scott and I wrestled, we had a match on Nitro LIVE with Harlem Heat and it was from Amway Arena in Orlando. And I have zero excuses for this, it was really stupid and I was just out of my mind sometimes out there. I spin-kicked Booker, took his head off with a spin-kick, I was about two-feet from him anyways, and started crotch-chopping Stevie Ray on the outside the ring and said, ‘Suck My D**** Mother F’er’ {laughs}, so loud like everyone in the building heard it and obviously they’ve missed like a million shots every Nitro and of all the shots to not miss, that’s the one they didn’t miss. So yeah, I got back from the ring and Eric {Bischoff} was like ‘Good Match.’ Then he had this look on his face. And he said the words ‘Suck My D**** Mother F’er’ and I went ‘Oh.’ Cause I forgot that that happened. And then I kind of gave him some bulls**** excuse like , ‘I was caught up in the moment.’ No excuse. Zero excuse. And Eric took heat for that, from his higher ups. Anyways, like the next week, they had this talent meeting that everyone was supposed to show up early for and the subject matter was around my colorful language {laughs}.And the best part of that whole thing, was I even showed up late to the meeting, I missed the meeting. {laughs}. So then fast forward to a couple weeks later I pull Ric’s pants down, it wasn’t even a big deal. Honestly, Ric Flair’s ass has been shown a million times. But it was just a moment, Eric had already gotten a lot of sh** from standard and practices, so it was just a moment I didn’t even think twice about pulling him down like that. I got back and Eric said, ‘ You’re in breach of contract.’ Then he explained to me the whole thing. I got pretty mad and upset about it and honestly I think at the time I deflected some of that on Ric. Like, I got mad at Ric about it like if it was Ric’s fault somehow. {laughs}.... Funny thing about that, I was supposed to have a match like 20 minutes later with  DDP {Diamond Dallas Page} and put him over. So immediately Dallas goes to Eric, ‘But he’s supposed to me over on TV!’ BOOM! Re-hired immediately….

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