Sean Waltman Says Balor And Rollins Should Be Off TV If Not Pushed

Former WWE, WCW and TNA star Sean Waltman co-hosted the WZ Daily Podcast recently and spoke on a variety of issues. You can check out highlights below.

On Balor and Rollins’ pushes:

“Instead of just maybe letting them take a little time off they’re gonna just use them and put them in something, ‘just for now.'”

Does he think Rollins and Balor should be pulled from TV instead of doing nothing?

“Yes. I do.”

Dean Ambrose:

“I just don’t even try to read him anymore. You know? All I know is that he is talented. There is no question about it and people like him. So, I’ll have Dean Ambrose on my team any day of the week. He’s weird. Weird and that’s coming from me.”

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