Sean Waltman Says Being A WWF Light Heavyweight Was Costing Him Money

WWE has ran into many problems with their latest attempts at a cruiserweight division.

Sean Waltman has found success in WWE, WCW and TNA as a cruiserweight, light heavyweight and X-Division wrestler, but admitted on a recent episode of the X-Pac 12360 podcast that he didn't really want to be shoehorned into the division. According to the former Syxx, it was costing him money.  

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"I was the very last WWF/WWE Light Heavyweight champion. I fought a long time to not have to have that belt... One time I got my payoff and I gave him (Jim Ross) a call it was a SummerSlam payoff and I asked him if they were paying me by the pound? So that's how I felt about the pay scale there. That you were paid by the pound sometimes and it's not really but you can get that since being in the WWE at times. I didn't want that. There was no way I wanted that. That was a pay cut for me. So that was the issue."

Also on the podcast, Waltman discussed the news of Shelton Benjamin discovering a loaded gun in his Budget rental car


"Here's the thing, in all the years of traveling around and trying to rent cars like we do. There have been a few times when you find things leftover from the last person that rented the car but like come on man a loaded gun?! Who freaking forgets something like that...  Let's just use our imaginations and think of all the bad scenarios that could come from something like that." 

You can see the full podcast from Waltman at this link. 

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