Season 3 Of AEW Elite General Manager Is Now Live: HOOK, Bobby Fish, TBS Title, More Added

Now, gamers can SEND HOOK out to conquer in AEW Elite General Manager.

Season 3 of the mobile general manager simulator is now live and is centered around everyone's favorite cold-hearted wrestler, HOOK. This latest update also adds the Women's TBS Championship, former NXT Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish, and more.

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You can see full notes for the update below.

From AEW Games:

New Features

Season Pass is unlockable for 9.99$

Season Pass contains exclusive season themed cosmetics as well as a new gimmick.

A new stage cosmetic that can be equipped to show during multiplayer matches.

Season themed wrestler cosmetics:

  • Will Hobbs Flame Gear
  • Ricky Starks Gold and White Gear
  • Fuego Tag Team Gear
  • Season themed gimmicks:
  • Bag of Chips
  • Fuego’s New Car
  • Season themed Finisher:
  • REDRUM Finisher

Complete Season Pass Missions to level up and gain access to these fantastic rewards!


  • Stages have been added to the game!
  • Purchase these from the store to unlock the associated PPV event in endless. Equip them from the avatar customization menu to show them off in Multiplayer matches.

Gameplay Updates

All Modes

New wrestlers have been added to the available roster!

Roster Additions:

  • HOOK
  • Lio Rush
  • Jamie Hayter
  • Rebel
  • Fuego 2
  • Skye Blue
  • Lee Moriarty
  • Bobby Fish

The following wrestlers’ stats have been updated.

  • The “World Tag Team” belt was removed from “Penta El Zero M” and “Rey Fenix”.
  • The “World Tag Team” belt was added to “Luchasaurus” and “Jungle Boy”.
  • The “TNT” belt was removed from “Sammy Guevara” and added to “Cody Rhodes”.
  • A new belt, the “TBS Champion” belt was added to “Jade Cargill”.


  • Popularity changed: 73 -> 72 (-1)


  • Power changed: 69 -> 63(-6)
  • Speed changed: 70 -> 64 (-6)
  • Endurance changed: 81 -> 73 (-8)

Serena Deeb

  • Power changed: 58 -> 57 (-1)
  • Speed changed: 80 -> 67 (-13)
  • Endurance changed: 68 -> 76 (+8)

New Gimmicks have been added to the game!

Gimmick Additions:

  • Flaming Table
  • Crutch
  • Golden Shovel
  • Chocolate Candy
  • Bag of Chips
  • Fuego’s New Car

The new gimmicks are all available within the gimmick packs, supply packs, and rotating stores.(Excluding Bag of Chips and Fuego’s New Car. These are season pass exclusive gimmicks)


  • PPV events have been added to endless! You must have the corresponding stage unlocked in order to access these events in your endless. They will be available in the store for purchase with tickets.The following stages will unlock PPV events in endless mode
  • Revolution
  • Double or Nothing
  • All Out
  • Full Gear
  • PPV events happen every 12 weeks and will generate 3 optional objectives for you to complete that week. Each objective completed will give you one option for a reward. Claim the reward you think will help out your Endless campaign. A PPV stage will be given as a gift to all players so make sure to check your gifts!


A new season of Ranked multiplayer has begun!

  • Rankings have been reset
  • Rewards will be given to all players based on their performance during the Season of Punk ranked season.

Career Mode

New Story missions have been added!

  • Continue your journey to be THE Elite General Manager in the new chapter: Send HOOK.

New Challenges have been added!

  • Keep proving that you got what it takes to beat our new set of challenges! Use a fixed roster in the Time to Shine challenges! Test your skills against a harder BestInTheBiz series!

Store Updates

  • The store has received additional items. The following are new additions to the game that can also be found in the store.

New finishers have been added to the supply packs, featured store, and bucks store

Finisher Additions

  • Judas Effect
  • Buckshot Lariat
  • Blackfire Driver
  • Go To Hell
  • Tornado DDT

New gimmicks have been added to the supply packs, gimmick packs and bucks store.

Gimmick Additions:

  • Flaming Table
  • Crutch
  • Golden Shovel
  • Chocolate Candy

New Stages have been added to the featured store

Stage Additions:

  • All Out
  • Full Gear
  • Double Or Nothing

Known Issues

  • The word gear is repeated in some of the wrestler gears.
  • You are unable to scroll the challenge menu.

Elite General Manager is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Prior season pass updates include CM Punk-related items. Learn more here.

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