Serena Deeb Finds The NWA-AEW Partnership To Be Powerful, Wants To Be A Locker Room Leader In AEW

Serena Deeb is excited to see promotions reaching across the aisle and working with one another.

Serena Deeb is the current NWA Women's Champion, she's also currently under contract to AEW, furthering the working relationship between the two promotions that has resulted in such names as Thunder Rosa and Ricky Starks having their presence felt on AEW television.

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Speaking on the media scrum following the AEW Full Gear 2020 pay-per-view, Serena expressed her excitement to see promotions working together, noting that it's a call back to the original territory system in wrestling.

“Well, I mean, if you think back on pro wrestling in the territory days, it was people were just swapping around. They were traveling here, traveling there, working with different people,” Serena began. “When wrestling became really monopolized and separated, I think it was to the detriment of talent and fans, too, because so and so is here and here so and so is here, you can't see that match. I think this cooperation, this partnership between NWA and AEW is super powerful and I think it's going to change wrestling from a women's standpoint. I'm really excited about it because I think the AEW women's roster is really growing and it has so much potential.”

She continued, “People coming in from the outside -- when you're in wrestling, it only helps you to wrestle other people, other women, and other men. It just helps you. The more you get in the ring with different people [the more] you become a more well-rounded wrestler. So, I think with this partnership and different women coming in and different women going elsewhere, it's going to just benefit everybody. I think the fans are really excited about it, too and it just keeps it very interesting because you can't you know, there are things happening now going to Primetime Live and winning the championship and then bringing on Dynamite and defending it a week later and defending it tonight on The Buy-In and, you know, it's things that people just haven't seen for a long time. I think it's really fun and really powerful.”

In regards to how she herself is looking to elevate the division, Serena says that she's hoping her matches can continue to help other wrestlers grow.

“From a personal standpoint, my objective is to be a leader here. I came from a position where I had to be a leader and that's the thing I'm striving for the most right now is just to be an example and try to help this forge forward, this division forge forward, to be what I know it can be and what everybody knows it can be. Everybody works so hard here. The girls are training all the time. I think it's just a matter of there's quite a bit of inexperience. The only thing the only remedy for that is time and energy and working towards making that change. So I think the inexperience is a really good thing, a really positive thing because there's so much room for growth. There is so much potential.”

She continued, “I know the women's division here, everyone has a really amazing attitude and that's something that I haven't seen in other places I've been, so we're at a great starting out point, AEW's only been around for a little over a year. So there's so much growth still to be had and I'm just hoping to be a leader and I hope that my matches help elevate other people and I want to bring everybody up. So that's definitely my intention and I'm looking forward to seeing what this division can do.”

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