Seth Rollins On Eye For An Eye Match: Vince McMahon Picked The Last Shot, Rest Was Up To Us

At The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins competed against Rey Mysterio in the first-ever WWE Eye for an Eye match.

The match ended when Rollins jammed Mysterio's eye into the point of the ring steps, "popping" Rey's eye out of his head. The final visual saw Rey holding a fake eye in his hand as Rollins puked.

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Speaking to Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT, Rollins discussed the bout and who was involved creatively.

“A lot of the time, Vince says ‘here’s what we want to do’ and he gives us the ball and let us figure out how to take it to the end zone," he said. “When the idea was presented to me, I was aghast. I thought it was ridiculous and a bit of a joke. But the more I thought about it and the more it came to pass I was like ‘OK, this will be different.’ And it can be good and we don’t have to scoff at everything right out of the gate – I don’t want to be that person. Vince wasn’t as hands on as people think that he was. If I’m going to break the fourth wall here, so to speak, it was really 99.9% myself, Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble."

Rollins continued, "At the end of the day, you had Vince who made the final call on what the last shot was going to look like and that’s pretty much it. There was a couple of versions of what that final shot would look like and we went with the one that we thought made the most sense. It was a joint-decision on everybody’s behalf. So at the end of the day, it was a product that I was pretty proud of. It was the first time I’d been able to be out there in the ring with a legend like Rey Mysterio for an extended period of time and, like I said, we had a really good wrestling match with a provocative finish and I was not upset about it one bit.”

When asked about the idea behind the match, Rollins said, “At the end of the day, was it ideal? No. Did it catch people’s attention? Sure. It ended up on TMZ. I think we sort of accomplished what wrestling wants to accomplish and that is we told a very interesting story and there was some outside interest in the finish even though it was very weird – and that’s OK. I think pro wrestling can just be one-on-one, hold-for-hold wrestling or it can be storytelling like any other form of television and I think that when you start to look at it too critically, especially stuff like that… I dunno, to me it reeks of 2020 trying to pick everything apart. If you like the Lake of Reincarnation in AEW but you hate the eye-for-an-eye match… you know what I mean? Then where are we really at here?”

Though Mysterio "lost his eye" at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, it sounds things could turn around for the legend. WWE reported in a storyline update that Mysterio's optic nerve is intact and his vision is slowly improving each day.

Rollins was confronted by Rey's son Dominik on Raw, continuing the feud between Rollins and the Mysterio family.

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