Seth Rollins: 'I’m Not Roman Reigns. He Is Going To Be On The Top Of The Card. That’s Not My Thing'

Seth Rollins knows his place in WWE and just wants to put on the best performance he possibly can every time he's in the ring.

Seth Rollins is one of only a handful of main roster Superstars that can say he has been featured in multiple WrestleMania World Championship matches.

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This year, Seth Rollins will compete against Cesaro in the latter's first-ever singles match at WrestleMania. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Seth Rollins opened up about being a veteran of WrestleMania and having competed on every spot on the card.

Displaying self-awareness, Seth Rollins would say that he is not Roman Reigns and Roman Reigns is the one who will always be designated for the top spot on the card.

“I always take it to the next level when it comes to WrestleMania and here’s the thing: I’m not Roman Reigns. He is going to be on the top of the card. That’s not necessarily my thing. I want to have the best performance of the night. That’s my thing. You mentioned some of the past WrestleMania matches I’ve had and they didn’t always come at the end of the show. No matter where I’m at on the card, I’m looking to steal the show. I’ve dedicated my life to this. I don’t care about being the top of the card; I care about being the best.”

When asked if he compares himself to Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley, his former stablemates in The Shield, Seth Rollins would say that he doesn't just compare himself to them, he compares himself to all superstars.

“I think it’s impossible not to compare yourself with your coworkers. Whether that be those guys, or anyone else doing really well, like Sasha Banks or Asuka or Bobby Lashley or Drew McIntyre—you’re always wondering, 'What can I do to stay ahead of that group? What do I need to do to stay in the mix?' That can be dangerous. Comparisons can really defeat you if you dwell on it too much, but it can also be powerful if it allows you to keep a chip on your shoulder. I’ve been doing this for 17 years and I’m constantly putting a chip on my shoulder. Sometimes comparing yourself to the other top talent, that’s where you can get your chip. Like you said, it’s a very interesting line to walk.”

Seth Rollins will be front-and-center on night one of WrestleMania. Speaking of night one of WrestleMania, his fiance, Becky Lynch, recently spelled out the words “NIGHT ONE” in an Instagram post. Learn more here.

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