Seth Rollins' Reaction After Vince Had His Entrance Theme Changed: "All Right, Whatever"

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During Seth Rollins' recent appearance on Sam Roberts' wrestling podcast, Rollins was asked if he liked his new theme song.

You know, the one that's exactly like the one he's had for the past three years, except that now someone screams "BURN IT DOWWWWWWN" after the opening riff? That's Seth Rollin's theme song. It's embedded above in case you've been watch RAW on mute for the past month.

According to Seth, the change came as a directive from Vince McMahon himself, who didn't like the 'pause' in Seth's song and needed something to play during the silence, because even a second of silence allows Vince the time to contemplate all the mistakes he's made in his life and that makes him sad, so silence is the enemy now and it must be eradicated.

Or any number of valid, rational reasons why a one-second pause in the middle of a song he's heard for three years finally bothers him NOW and not any of the thousands of times he's heard it before now.

Anyway, allow Seth to tell you the story of how it happened, and pay close attention to how much he LOVES his new theme.

“I heard it before the show two or three weeks ago the first time it debuted, yeah. It was a weird thing where I got to RAW that day, (and they told me) ‘We need to do something with your music.’

‘What do you mean? I’ve been using the same song for like three years. Well, what’s the problem?’

‘Vince doesn’t like that pause.’

He has been hearing the same music for three years! What are we talking about? So they played five different entrances and three of them were just soundbytes, And one of them said, ‘Kingslayer’ and it was very seductive almost, like, (whispers) 'Kingslayer’, so, like, the ‘Burn It Down’ was the best option available, so I was like, ‘Okay, do it.’ But it actually worked out well and last week, they put the fire in my entrance video, so I was like, ‘All right, whatever.'”

A resounding endorsement if I've ever heard one.

Now, the RAW crowd has taken to screaming "Burn It Down" on cue with the music, and the entrance theme is hugely over, so this only further proves that sometimes, no matter how irrational his decisions may be, Vince will probably keep falling back-asswards into good ideas until the day he dies.


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