Seth Rollins Says There's Room For Another Shield Reunion

Seth Rollins is excited by the idea of another Shield reunion. 

Last October, the Shield reunited on Monday Night Raw years after they broke up because of a Seth Rollins betrayal. The reunion saw the group compete at a couple pay-per-views and on episodes of Raw including a match where Kurt Angle replaced Roman Reigns who had the mumps. The reunion was eventually phased out after Dean Ambrose was injured and the other two members were involved in Championship contention. 

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In an interview with Asbury Park Press, Rollins said the way they left things provides room to revisit the Shield down the road. 

"It really started off great, I thought. The reconciliation over the summer, myself and Ambrose winning tag team titles, and then bringing Roman into the fold was really well done and a lot of fun and exciting. And then, you know, the mumps happened, and there's nothing you can really do about that, so that threw a real wrench into the plans. And Ambrose got hurt," said Rollins. "One thing that’s exciting about it is I think it leaves us a lot of room for future Shield reunions, so that's cool to see," he later added. 

In the interview, Rollins said he hopes Ambrose will be back in the ring by the end of 2018. 

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