Several Sources Of Heat On Big Cass Backstage

Information is filtering in about the firing of Big Cass, just two days after he had, quite frankly, the best match of his life. Vince McMahon called a private meeting that was so early, that most people we spoke to didn't even see Cass in Toledo at the show. Contrary to what was circulating on Tuesday, there was not a public meeting in which Cass was fired in front of everyone. WWE has been known to have some longtime employees flown to television tapings to fire them, and flew Chris Jericho in to tell him they wouldn't allow him to use NXT talent on his cruise, but don't typically like to fire someone in that regard.

As far as why, we're told that Big Cass had heat on him both from management and from a wrestler standpoint. There were longstanding rumors that Cass was a brash supporter of Donald Trump, which likely didn't do him any favors considering WWE's diverse roster, but was barely brought up with the people we spoke to. As it turns out, he was a little unruly on the European tour and his drinking got out of hand, but that was hardly the only reason.

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Cass had heat from management stemming from the week after the Greatest Royal Rumble, and the "little person" segment was a big source of that. Originally, Daniel Bryan was scheduled to make the save after Cass big booted the little person in question, but due to his chest being heavily bruised from the Greatest Royal Rumble, Bryan was held off TV. As a result, we're told that Cass had pitched a more extended beat down on the "little person," which was rejected. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Cass would do it anyway, and that aspect would be scrubbed from WWE's social media. 

We've also heard stories of Cass being confrontational backstage, and even making attempts to kick visitors out of the locker room area who were well known in WWE circles. 

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