Shane Helms: Jeff Jarrett Created A Budget Issue When He Came In

Shane Helms hasn't minced words as it pertains to his exit from Impact Wrestling earlier this year, particularly as it pertains to Jeff Jarrett.

When interviewed by the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, Shane talked about his contract expiration with Impact, and most notably, his issues with Jeff Jarrett.

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“Well, he [Jeff Jarrett] brought himself in. His wife, his buddy, which created a budget issue that he created. Because of that several guys were let go. My contract was up anyway, so was Al Snow’s, and Simon Diamond. Apparently to him longevity didn’t matter to him. He comes from a family that are kind of a carnie family anyway so he is from that lineage. That is what it was; it didn’t matter that the people brought in weren’t as talented or successful as me and Simon Diamond worked, that didn’t matter, he was just going to bring in his buddies. The second I got released, my phone blew up. Everyone from that roster called me because I went above and beyond there from my duties as an agent to help people out. Not just with their matches, but with their characters, their promos, I was a promo guy. I would have guys reading me their promos, and watching their entrances. I went above and beyond trying to see everyone their succeed. I caught heat because of the thing with the Hardy’s because they were my friends. To them it was bush league mentality and not professional, but that was just one person I had to deal with that issue. Impact Wrestling I had a great relationship with them, no heat there whatsoever. I wish them all the best.  I’m looking forward to Eli Drake. I told them back in the day that he is going to be ‘the guy’ to carry this company in terms of being a champion. I am a big fan of a lot of the talent there. I have nothing but respect and love for the roster.”

You can check out the full interview at this link, and see's archive of Shane Helms Podcasts at this link, including his Royal Rumble and WrestleMania experiences.  

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