Shane McMahon Jokingly Says He Would Not Have Minded An Incest Angle With His Sister Because "She's Hot"

Shane McMahon had an interesting reaction when informed about a potential incest angle with his sister Stephanie.

Appearing on Opie Radio, Opie informed Shane that Bruce Prichard came on the show and revealed that Vince McMahon wanted to do an incest angle between Shane and Stephanie. Vince, with Prichard's help, came to his senses and nixed the angle. When told about the potential angle, Shane said, "Well, my sisters hot. I don't know if I really would have minded that."

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McMahon laughed during and after the comment, obviously joking about the situation before saying that he had never heard about the angle, but trusted that Prichard was telling the truth.

"I never heard that one," he said. "I'll tell you one that I personally said absolutely no to. My dad and mom were involved in some stuff and my dad comes up and says, 'Alright, then you're going to slap your mother.' I went, 'No.' He said, 'Yeah.' I went, 'Dad, I'm not going to hit my mother. Ever. I had a hard time hitting you and you're my dad.' That became easier when he punched me in the eye. I couldn't do that to my mom. But I never heard the (incest) angle."

Later in the show, Opie called up Prichard to get more information about the angle. Prichard elaborated on the specifics of the angle.

"It was at the time when Stephanie was pregnant and Vince was trying to figure out if he could write that into storyline," said Prichard. "It was an entire day of my life I will never get back." 

Shane went on to say that the angle "never got to him" but that he was "thankful" Prichard killed it.

Prichard ended by saying that Vince even brought up the possibility of himself being the father and that the writers laughed, but weren't sure if he was joking.

"Sometimes he does that stuff to amuse himself," said Shane.

The proposed angle has been brought up in the past, most notably on the WWE produced DVD "McMahon," a two-disc documentary on the life and times of Vince McMahon. On the DVD, Stephanie informs fans of Vince's idea, which would have taken place in 2006, and says that she immediately shot down the angle. 

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