Shane McMahon Recalls Leap Off Cell At WrestleMania 32

The part-time wrestling career of Shane McMahon has been full of crazy dives and high risks. Appearing recently on the Steve Austin Show, McMahon reflected on what is arguably the biggest -- his leap from the top of the Cell structure in his Hell In A Cell match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

McMahon, who earlier in the interview noted he has attention deficit disorder, said that at the times prior to performing such a move his ADD can be an advantage.

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"Being ADD and hyperactive and everything, one of the abilities of why we can become very good at specific things athletically, all those distractions in our normal life also make us do hyper focus," McMahon said. "I get whisper quiet, like in a movie. Where everything is just clear. You can hear little snaps, I can hear every single thing, people breathing, that's how quiet I get."

McMahon recounted what went through his mind as he made the leap, an attempted elbow drop on The Undertaker that instead saw McMahon go crashing through the announce table.

"I'm thinking, straight up, I'm thinking I'm going to nail this thing. That's it," McMahon said. "It's not so much, it's not the flight, it's the sudden stop that gets you. That's when you're laying there like a guppy trying to get a breath, going 'Oh my God', counting ribs."

When asked by Austin to describe the impact, McMahon needed just one word for the reply.

"Stiff," he said. "I cracked two ribs in my right side, at least two. It was sore for about eight, nine weeks, it was tight."

McMahon went on to describe the impact as "highly intense" and that his body was numb for a few seconds after.

"I look over and [The Undertaker] is looking at me like 'You crazy sonofabitch, I've got to come beat you," he said. "When he picked me up that's when I felt my ribs."

McMahon noted that he had told his wife, Marissa, about the spot prior to the match but that his children -- who were ringside -- had mixed reactions after the match.

"My youngest was 6 at the time so of course he was crying. My middle son, Kenyon, he was upset I didn't win more than anything," he said. "They were all very concerned afterward. They came to the back and wanted to check on me and as they did I was carted off so that wasn't a very pleasant visual for them -- to see me go out on a stretcher into the trainer's room."

Click here to listen to McMahon's entire interview with "Stone Cold".

Earlier this year, Fightful had the exclusive report that WrestleMania 32 drew just more than 80,000 fans -- not the 101,000-plus originally reported by the promotion.

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