Shane Strickland Discusses His 'Hell Of War' Match Against Dante Fox At 'Ultima Lucha Tres'

Shane goes over his death-match experience with Dante Fox.

On season three of Lucha Underground, 2/3rd's of the Lucha Underground Trios Champions Killshot (Shane Strickland) and Dante Fox engaged in a feud that stemmed from Strickland's character on L.U. who carried around memorabilia of the fallen soldiers who he served in the military with. One of those fallen soldiers was Dante Fox who sent a letter to Killshot that did not go over so well and the two men kick-started their feud which culminated with a death-match.

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At 'Ultima Lucha Tres' Killshot and Dante Fox clashed in a 'Hell Of War' match which Shane Strickland is familiar with as he is a former CZW World Heavyweight Champion. Strickland's true military background added a sense of realism to the story between he and Dante Fox and during the match the two competitors took one another to the limit in a bout that featured barbed-wired tables and blood being shed among other components that come with being in a death-match.

During an interview with ESPN while Strickland was discussing his rise to notoriety in the sport of pro wrestling, he spoke on the 'Hell Of War' match with Dante Fox.

"Me and Fox putting that match together, our mindsets, we were always on the same page with anything we had ever done in the ring -- [but] we had to be on 12 pages. You can't just be on one page anymore, we gotta be on 12-15 pages to make sure we execute everything on point," Strickland said. "That we protect each other, that we don't get seriously hurt, that everything just comes off perfect. That match came off exactly how we both envisioned it. We couldn't have done it any better. To me, that whole story between me and Fox culminated the perfect way." He continued, "I wanted to make a statement that no one could outperform me," Strickland said. "Season 1 I got introduced, I didn't really stand out. Season 2, the wheels started turning a little bit and understanding the character and my place in the show, but once again I didn't outperform anybody. Season 3 was the staple. I knew who I was, I knew how I was going to outperform, and I feel like me and Fox and Sami Callihan as 'Jeremiah Crane' outperformed every single other character on that show. That Ultima Lucha match was the exclamation point." 


Killshot is currently still a Lucha Underground Trios Champion as season four of L.U. is coming up on its third episode this upcoming Wednesday. To view the news and notes from this past Wednesday's episode, click here.

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