Shane Taylor Recalls Bullet Club Finding Out All In Sold Out

Ring Of Honor's Shane Taylor recently spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for an interview, which you can check out at this link. You can also see the interview above, and highlights below:

How becoming a father changed his life:
"My daughter is the turning point for me. As I was living in Cleveland, doing that growing up, I saw a lot of bad things - Drugs, gangs, violence. Even though my parents worked hard to keep me from it, when you're in that environment, those things happen. I grew up doing a lot of things I shouldn't have been doing and putting myself into spots I shouldn't have been in. Up until she was born, that was still what I was doing and was my mentality. When she was born, it became crystal clear to me that something needed to change. What needed to change was how I went about things, how I approached things, how serious I took things. I didn't want her to have to go through the things that I did, see the things that I saw. She hasn't had to. As far as she knows, life is about life here in the suburbs of Houston and playing with her friends outside. That's all she ever has to know. For me, there is no bigger joy than seeing her run around playing with her friends."

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 All In:
"I think what All In does, and what Bullet Club does by proxy, is they present a very DIY punk rock style. They represent that sort of counter-culture to other promotions. People gravitate towards them because they feel like they're the outcasts, they're the rebels. They're the guys who do things by their own rules. People can get behind that. When you have something like that, when you have a movement like that and you are able to capitalize like that, I want to say 10,000 seats sold in under 30 minutes? I want to say we were in Chicago, the last stop of the War of the Worlds tour, when they found out. I went up to all of them and congratulated them because that's awesome! To stick your neck out like that and to have it pay off like that only means better things for wrestling, better things for them, and better things for ROH!"

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