Shane Taylor: Representation Is Literally Everything

Shane Taylor talks about representation in wrestling.

Black representation in 2021 has been spotlighted in pro wrestling. This year for the first time ever, two black women headlined WrestleMania, a historic moment on several levels Bianca Belair became only the second black person in history to win the Royal Rumble. Additionally, when Big E beat Bobby Lashley to capture the WWE Title, it was the first time that particular belt was transferred from one black WWE Superstar to another.

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Also, events like 'For The Culture' and hashtags such as #BlackWrestlingDraws have continued to push for the further exposure and continued success of black pro wrestlers.

Shane Taylor, best known for his time in ROH, recently spoke on Foundation Radio as to why he feels representation is so important and how his mindset changed as he matured.

"That's literally everything. When I was younger, I really had no idea just how important it was. As you get older, as you learn more things, as you realize how the world works, as you go down that rabbit hole of information, then you see these things, and you start to look at TV and movies and everything you’re like 'yo, why is it only the worst aspects of our culture that get displayed and advertised and marketed?' What they show the masses of black culture is like .5% of who we are. If you caught someone at the very worst moment, and then made that multiple billion dollar industry‘s it’s like 'wait a minute let’s scale it back.'"

Taylor continued, "Inventors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, people that have shaped the very fabric of music, culture of anything, just about anything you could name - we’ve either tightened it or specialized in it or invented it. Let’s really take a look at what this culture is about. And for me, to be able to go, okay I can’t control what these kids are going to see in the movies, I can’t control what they’re going to hear in music. But when they're watching me, when they’re watching Ring of Honor, when they’re watching us, I can control what they see then."

Currently, the future of Ring of Honor is uncertain as the promotion announced an upcoming hiatus and restructuring of the promotion. Learn more here.

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