Shawn Michaels: I've Never Wanted Somebody To Find Peace Outside WWE More Than I Have For Undertaker

Through all the ups and downs, Shawn Michaels believes that The Undertaker will truly be able to find happiness outside of the WWE stage.

Outside of a match in 2018, which also featured The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels has not wrestled a match since losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 in 2010. In the world of wrestling where the blinding light of fame and adulation can sometimes be too addictive to truly quit, retirements like this are rare.

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Now, Undertaker is set for a moment like this in his own life. At the 2020 WWE Survivor Series event, Undertaker is set for his final farewell, but many are asking themselves, is this truly the end? The Undertaker has had moments in the past where it seemed like it was perfect for him to retire but sure enough, he was always back in the ring a little while down the road.

Shawn Michaels spoke to CBS Sports recently and said that he does believe that Mark Calaway, the man behind the persona, will be able to find happiness outside of WWE and truly enjoy retirement in the way that Shawn has.

"That's one of the things I sensed that time," Michaels said. "Like I said, I want that for him. It's one of the things that bums me out, that I didn't know. Mark has never struggled with anything, and if he has, I've never known because he keeps things close to the vest. Everybody's got their kryptonite, too. No matter how much everyone thinks someone has it all together, nobody does. Everybody has a chink in their armor. Every Superman has his kryptonite. I believe he can [be content], but some of that is on you as an individual to allow yourself to find contentment and peace in a situation.

"He's a smart, bright, intelligent man, and I believe that, yes, he will find it. All I know is that in these last few years, I've never wanted it for someone so badly like I do with him. Because, again, I feel like shit for not -- it's one of the things I always say to him when I see him. You know, 'Thank you so much for giving me that.' He didn't know he was giving me that, but he did. To me, that will be the greatest gift that dude or darn near anyone has ever given me, that feeling to be able to walk away from the wrestling ring and not struggle with it because I understand how unbelievably rare and special that is."

Recently, Undertaker's on-screen brother, Kane said he wasn't quite sure if this is truly the end of “The Phenom.” Learn more about that at this link.

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