Shawn Michaels Says That Running NXT UK With Triple H Is As Good As It Gets

Shawn Michaels is proud to be in his position helping progress the NXT UK brand.

Shawn Michaels has been helping his best friend, Triple H, run NXT in recent years with Shawn taking a special liking to the UK variant of that brand.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, HBK spoke about being gravitated to the style and enjoying the opportunity to help young superstars from across the pond gain a new level of stardom.

“I like that style. It's very different. It's not something that we get to see on a regular basis in our country,” Michaels began. “You're talking about starting something new and original here in the UK. Doing it with your buddy, [and doing it for] a company that I've been involved with since I was 23 years old. Then, of course, the style and this place... You guys have been so faithful and loyal to the WWE for as long as I can remember. I can remember coming over here in 1991 and feeling like a rockstar and it was just phenomenal and fast forward all these years later and they’re still rabid out there and that never gets old. Not to me anyway.”

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For Michaels, this level of creation is an extension of the high that he used to feel as a performer receiving the reactions from the audience.

“We don't do the performing anymore but there is nothing it's hard to beat seeing, especially these local guys who are now getting to enjoy success on a much bigger level, coming back and seeing that look on their face. It's just phenomenal,” Shawn said. “That's infectious and that's synonymous about the whole NXT and Performance Center vibe and culture that from the first time I walked in there, you feel-- it's a palpable feeling and you think to yourself, 'gosh, this is all the stuff that's fantastic about the wrestling business and about the WWE. I've got one gift that I was given and it's to do this. So why not? And getting to do it with your best friend, it's hard to beat.”

Triple H also talked recently about the reason he chose to expand into the UK. Read his comment at this link.

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