Shawn Michaels Shoots Down The Idea Of Working Another Match

Don't expect to see Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania.

Appearing on the Edge & Christian Pod of Awesomeness, Shawn Michaels recounted his return match at WWE Crown Jewel. The tag team bout -- Michaels teamed with Triple H to battle The Undertaker and Kane -- marked the first time Michaels had stepped foot in the ring since WrestleMania 26 in 2010. With Triple H tearing his pectoral muscle early in the match, Michaels worked the majority of the bout and was generally praised for carrying the action.

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When asked by Edge if he had plans to do another match, Michaels replied, "Negative. Technically, I could go in there, do my stuff and have the young guys work around me and all that. But 100 percent the only reason I said 'yes' to this one was; one, it was a special request by other people. I looked at it as; someone is asking The [Rolling] Stones and KISS to come over and just play their greatest hits. it’s sort of sad because everybody feels like, ‘oh it was the money.' And I mean it respectfully, of course, but technically, I’d make more money doing a singles match at WrestleMania, you know what I mean. Cause that brand is bigger, you know, I’m charging more for a singles match. I got news for you," he said while laughing.

Michaels continued, "I didn't feel like I was put in a position, in this particular match, to be 'that guy.' Everything else, about working with a younger guy and working WrestleMania, puts me in a much tougher, more difficult situation, performance wise. I have not wanted to be put in that position. I'm good with the performances I've had at WrestleMania. I wanted to end those, the way that I ended them. This just happened to be a special thing that I didn't think in a million years would come up, but it did. That's the only reason I said 'yes.'"

After the bout, which was won by D-Generation X, Michaels could be seen telling Triple H, "We're too old for this." In an interview with backstage, which you can view above, Michaels said he would not wrestle again "if he could help it." 

Michaels currently works as a producer and trainer for NXT and the WWE Performance Center.

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