Shawn Spears: While Everyone Was Focused On CM Punk And MJF, I Made Wardlow The Star He Is Today

Shawn Spears takes Wardlow’s betrayal personally.

Everyone understands by Maxwell Jacob Friedman is upset with Wardlow. Their confrontation was building under the surface for many years. However, FTR made it clear that they had no interest in taking sides in this Pinnacle Civil War. Shawn Spears, however, is a different matter entirely. Spears has sided with MJF since day one. Now, he's explaining why.

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Asked by Mark Henry on Busted Open what his problem with Wardlow actually is, Spears revealed that he believes he made Wardlow a star during his time as Wardlow’s accountabilibuddy, while CM Punk was feuding with Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

“Here's my problem. Okay. In the midst of Max feuding with CM Punk, arguably the biggest feud of the year, arguably the biggest feud of the past five years, there was an underbelly story taking place, and that was with Wardlow and myself,” Spears explained. “That guy went on a tear. That guy started to get very over, the crowd started responding to Wardlow in the most positive way possible. Why do you think that is? If you look at the common denominator, I was by his side, every single second that that was taking place. I was the guy in his ear giving him the advice. One thing Wardlow lacks is experience. The guy is talented, the guy is big, the guy is strong, the guy checks almost every single box in this industry, except one, and they can help right now it's not his fault. He doesn't have the experience that I have.

“So I'm the guy in his ear, whispering,” Spears continued. “I made Wardlow. While everybody was focusing on Max and CM Punk, I was making Wardlow the star that he is. When guys get a certain level, or guys start getting a little bit of popularity, or they start getting a little bit more money or their star rises a little bit, their thought process changes as well. They start thinking that maybe they're a little too big for the industry. Maybe the industry owes them something. Now, their whole perspective of what they feel is right and wrong changes completely. Wardlow turned around and he bit the hand that fed him. We made him a star and now, he just ups and wants to go on his own way. You want to do your own thing? Go ahead. Go ahead, go do your own thing and see how that works out for you.”

Shawn Spears also made it clear that this isn't about fighting or Maxwell Jacob Friedman's attention or admiration. he also went as far as to compare Max to a young Cody Rhodes for how quickly he grasped the ins and outs of the wrestling industry.

“I'm not fighting for Max's admiration. I'm not siding with Max. Max does not pay me. Max has not paid me. I know the future of the industry when I've seen it. I've been around for over 20 years. I know guys like that Max and that guy. He is the second guy that I've seen in all my 20 years that understands this business. Unlike any other, there's only one guy in front of him. That's Cody Rhodes. Those are the only two guys in my 20 years that I've seen grass get a hold of this industry and knows exactly where they're going far sooner than they should. Wardlow is the one that turned his back on us. That’s fine. It's gonna cost him.”

Shawn Spears has a date inside of a cage with Wardlow (with Maxwell Jacob Friedman as the referee) as part of the conditions for Wardlow to face MJF at Double or Nothing. Learn more about that here.

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