Shayna Baszler Says That She And Jessamyn Duke Once Stayed Up For Nearly Eighteen Hours Watching Wrestling

Shayna tells an interesting story.

With Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir having officially made their NXT in-ring debuts, the MMA Four-Horsewomen are all now officially WWE in-ring performers. The quartet roomed together for a number of years which is how the mutual bond between them became so strong. Ronda Rousey is the current RAW Women's Champion and Shayna Baszler is a former NXT Women's Champion. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir are being featured regularly on NXT Live Events and are gaining experience as they continue to step into the ring.

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Their enjoyment of the sport of professional wrestling came when they all would watch shows together. "The Queen Of Spades" Shayna Baszler recently told the story of when she and Jessamyn stayed up for almost an entire day watching wrestling while Marina was away helping Ronda cut weight for a fight. Shayna told this story when she was interviewed by Sam Roberts on the 'Not Sam Wrestling' podcast.

“At that point in time, the girls… so I just have watched wrestling forever. The girls started watching and it was when Daniel Bryan was doing the story with the Wyatt Family and so they got really involved in this Daniel Bryan storyline and that’s what kind of got them, and then it was specifically one day, Ronda I think was gone and had a fight and me and Jess were left at home - Marina went with Ronda to help her cut weight and we weren't going until a day or two later because there’s a whole media week before fights and stuff that we didn't really need to be there for and we were just sitting one morning and the house was empty and Jess turns to me and goes, ‘Shayna, I want you to show me historic pro wrestling matches’ and I’m not joking we spent… I hooked the computer tower up to the TV and we spent from nine in the morning and we only stopped to eat and get food - until probably 2 AM and I’m showing her old school WWE matches, old school World Of Sport stuff." Shayna continued, "I’m showing her old Japanese - Akira Hokuto and all these old school Japanese matches. We watched documentaries and and went on this endless black hole and I think that was the day everything changed.” Shayna explained.


Shayna Baszler is hell-bent on getting back the NXT Women's Championship and to find out if she will have another chance to do so or if someone else has stepped up to the plate, check out Fightful's NXT TV tapings spoilers article.

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