Sienna Remembers Crushing Her Nose In Match With Mia Yim

Sienna was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter. You can see highlights of the interview below, and the full interview at this link.

Finally working on the WWE stage:
“It was definitely cool and it was also comforting in a way because the NXT venue honestly looked a lot like Impact. It looked like a sound stage. I didn’t feel like I was out of my element. It was nerve wracking at first, of course, but once I looked out at the crowd, it was like this is Impact’s set up except backwards. Like, the hard cam is on the opposite side than it was at Impact. But, it actually gave me comfort. It was like, “Ok, I’ve done this before. I’ve been in front of this venue and this crowd. This isn’t somewhere that I haven’t been.”

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Working through legit injuries during a match:
“Well, in the case of Mia and I, it was a case of I was supposed to duck and I didn’t. (laughs) I didn’t duck fast enough and I didn’t duck far enough and I just, in a way, head-butted her shin. My nose basically exploded. It was broken in three places. However, I wasn’t knocked out. I was able to finish that match. That was at the beginning of our match. I could not leave at that point. I felt that would have been so humiliating! (laughs) Fortunately, I’ve never been knocked out in the ring, knock on wood. Or knocked out at all for that matter, that I’m aware of. I’ve seen stars before but that’s about it.”

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