Simon Gotch Talks ROH Debut, His Former Partnership With Aiden English

Simon Grimm, formerly known as Simon Gotch, recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast. You can see submitted highlights below, and the full podcast at this link.

Making his ROH debut and the video package used to hype his arrival:

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“I was very glad to make my debut for Ring of Honor and if I could be totally honest about the video package, I was actually the one that shot and edited that. The music that I had used initially was copyrighted and I was waiting on a piece my older brother was composing for it and he couldn’t get it done so I passed it off to Ring of Honor and the whole video was about three minuets and it was edited down to about 90 seconds and the whole thing was it was supposed to be like a kind of dark and weird self destructive shall we say portion of the segment until it becomes almost like an 80s training montage and when the music got changed I felt that it was almost too heavy. On the front end it is still good but on the second half I feel like it lost that feeling because the second half was almost supposed to be ridiculous. It was almost like when you see the finished product it is good but it is not how I thought it would come off but it did resonate with the people so I guess that is good.”

Looking back at The Vaudevillians tag team:

“We got along for the most part because in NXT it is more you travel with the people you are like your close friends so I traveled mostly with most of the amateur wrestlers like Sami Callahan and Chad Gable initially where English traveled with the FCW guys like Scott Dawson, Juice Robinson and Sami Zayn because those are the guys he was close with. For the sake of work we worked together as best we could but we got along fine. Sometimes we got along well and sometimes we were kind of like an old married couple and it was not so well but it was more because we both had this idea we were trying to get across and it didn’t always mesh with the other persons vision.”

“The joke I used to tell was me and English had to hate each other a little bit or we were going to get broken up. If you like each other you are broken up immediately. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were genuinely friends and Gable was part of Jason Jordan’s wedding and they split the team up.”

“A lot of people assume that if you are a tag team you must be friends and for whatever reason if you say you are not than it becomes a whole thing. Most tag teams (even successful ones) hate each other because in the end no one gets into wrestling to be in a tag team. That is kind of the weird thing about it that when you are a kid very few people if any dream of being tag team wrestlers, they dream of main eventing WrestleMania and winning the World Title and going to the Superdome and wrestling in front of 70,000 people or going to the Tokyo Dome and wrestling in front of 120,000 people and nobody goes I hope that I am tagging in a match in Largo, Florida in front of 500 people.”

Make sure to check out the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast at this link. 

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