Simon Gotch Would Return To WWE Under Different Circumstances

Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV spoke to former WWE-turned-MLW star Simon Gotch recently. You can check out the full interview above, and submitted highlights below:

Would he want to return to WWE?

"Under different circumstances, yes. It's hard to predict it. I will say this, unlike some other people that got released recently, I did get wished well in my future endeavors, so there's always the door open for me to return. My whole thing is I wouldn't want to go back to do the same thing and to be unhappy. My logic is I can work in an office and be miserable, I don't need to get beat up and be miserable. I wrestle because it makes me happy, I enjoy doing it. It's fun for me. So in my mind if were going to go back I'd want to work with the guys I'd want to work with. I'd want to be able to have the matches I want to have."

Who would he want to feud with if he returned to WWE:

"I would actually want to feud with English. I think that would be a hell of a way to push him as a babyface to be honest. Let him vanquish the ghosts of his past. And having worked with him so much I'm actually aware of what he's capable of. People don't know how good he is. He's super athletic and he can do some really insane stuff but often times he has a more restricted opinion on how he should work. He doesn't want to do all that much because he doesn't want to put himself in a position where he has to and he's going to injure himself because he looks at his career as a long term investment."