Smackdown Live Youtube Numbers Still In The Toilet For 5/30

This week's Smackdown Youtube numbers continued to suffer.

No segment made it past 680,000 views, terrible figures for the rather stacked show. New Day's return was the biggest of the evening, which is a good number for them personally. Below are Smackdown Live Youtube numbers as of 5 PM EST

  1. New Day return (678,162)
  2. Orton/Mahal promo (516,753)
  3. Styles vs. Ziggler (502,408)
  4. Highlight Reel (474,188)
  5. Chaos leads to women's MITB (426,732)
  6. Nakamura & Zayn vs. Owens & Corbin (373,831)
  7. Breezango vs. Colons (135,125)
  8. Fashion Files (134,563)

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