SmackDown Superstars React To New Raw PPV "Great Balls Of Fire"

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So in case you somehow haven't heard, the WWE, because they are "hip" and "with it" and "totally not out of touch," have named the Raw-exclusive July PPV after a song that was released 60 years ago.

It is called "Great Balls of Fire."

It is unquestionably the dumbest name in the history of PPVs (with the possible exception of "Hog Wild").

Everyone knows this.

You can just imagine the Raw superstars finding out about this name and filling with dread at the thought of having to drop "this Sunday, at Great Balls of Fire" into their scripted promos.

But they value their jobs too much to speak up and say anything about how stupid this all is.

HOWEVER, that's not gonna stop a few top SmackDown Superstars from making their voices heard on Social Media.

Becky actually showed some restraint there. Those poor women over on Raw, having to talk about balls on fire during their promos for the entire month of June and trying not to laugh.

But the biggest tragedy of the Superstar Shakeup is ... well, we'll let Big E say it:

And Xavier Woods had a tongue in cheek reference as well.

No word from Kofi Kingston yet.

I just wish there were more of these.

Personally, I can't wait for the Kevin Owens jokes that he'll throw in during his appearances on Talking Smack this summer, dropping lines about how he's happy to be on the brand that doesn't have PPVs named after song that are almost old enough to start collecting Social Security.

Here's hoping we get more SmackDown superstars who aren't afraid to make a joke.

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