Sorry, Everyone: Those Leaked Nudes Aren't Photos Of Kevin Owens

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Last night, Fightful brought you the news that WWE had been told to expect leaked private photos and videos to surface which feature one or more of their superstars in compromising situations.

We're still not sure who that superstar is, but at least we know who it's not: Kevin Owens.

That's because an online hoax was all over Twitter last night, proclaiming that there were nude photos of KO circulating throughout the interwebs.

This all broke while Kevin Owens was on a plane, and either he was taking a nap or he (like me) refuses to pay those exorbitant fees for in-flight Wi-Fi, because he didn't hear about until he landed in Birmingham, AL, where SmackDown is taking place tonight. 

But once he did hear about it, he didn't keep silent, because he's Kevin Owens, and that's why he's the champ ... of Twitter.

Yeah, so in case you haven't seen the pictures (and really, good for you if you haven't been actively seeking out fake nude photos of Kevin Owens), the guy who IS in the pictures has a nipple ring. And Kevin Owens doesn't ... yet.

Whoops, no. Guess he's not getting one after all.

Then KO shared a joke about the whole deal with Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks, because they are friends and that is awesome,

In all seriousness, don't leak private photos and videos of people, and also, don't photoshop fake nudes and try to pass them off on the internet as the real thing.

Maybe don't do either of those things.

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