The Spare Room: Is The Current WWE Roster Hall Of Fame Worthy?

Another year, another WrestleMania.

Another WrestleMania, another WWE Hall Of Fame class.

After every class, you start seeing the same questions popping up all over social media and in water cooler conversations:

Why isn't so-and-so inducted yet? How many current stars will eventually be inducted?

The first question is an easy discussion to get involved in, as people will always find "snubs" who haven't been inducted yet for one reason or another. It's that second question that I want to take a closer look at. That second question is usually discussed when people mention that there are so many huge stars in the Hall Of Fame, and they wonder how many more classes can be inducted. Surely, they feel, we'll reach a point where the proverbial well has dried up and there just aren't that many Hall Of Fame worthy inductees anymore, right?

On one hand, there's something to that line of thinking. There is a finite amount of people who have worked for WWE, let alone are worthy of being inducted, so unless the company branches out and starts to induct more people who have never worked under its umbrella before, one has to think that the pickings will eventually get slim.

On the other hand, the numbers begin to change when you really start looking at things. For example, there are currently 188 contracted wrestlers on WWE's roster right now, from the top of the top all the way down to people who have signed but haven't debuted yet. Again, that's just wrestlers. That's not counting on-screen authority figures, backstage personnel, and so on. Obviously, not all 188 of them are going to be in the Hall Of Fame when all is said and done, but how many of them will? How about we try to guess that number, based on what has happened until now?

Let's start by going through the obvious choices. These are the people who are getting inducted on 100% of ballots, with most of them probably ending up as a headliner for their class, and they're probably closing in on the end of their in-ring careers these days. There isn't even a point in debating the following names:

- John Cena

- Randy Orton

- Chris Jericho

- The Undertaker

- Big Show

- Brock Lesnar

- Kane

- Goldberg

- Goldust

- Jeff Hardy

- Matt Hardy

- Mickie James

- Nikki Bella

Total Number Of Future Hall Of Famers: 13


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