Scenario #1 - This is going to set up a future match between Daniel Bryan and The Miz: This is the popular choice within the WWE Universe, for obvious reasons. It clearly isn't going to be happening at *points at sign* WrestleMania this year, but there are still plenty of opportunities for it to take place. SummerSlam would be a pretty fantastic time for the heavily hyped return of Daniel Bryan to take place, and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn would probably have its roof blown off with how loud the crowd would be for everything. If we're booking for even further into the future, then *points at sign* WrestleMania would be the perfect spot. Next year's event takes place at the Superdome in New Orleans... home of Daniel Bryan's greatest professional achievement. That would be the perfect way to put a pretty little ribbon on the entire thing, tying up all the loose ends. That story writes itself.

The medical side of this scenario is that, yes, Bryan Danielson's head injuries were 100% legit, but a match at *points at sign* WrestleMania next year would come almost three years to the day after the last match he participated in. Many feel that, with the proper rehab and advances in science and technology, there could be a way for him to wrestle again after taking that much time off. Others feel that a match can be properly put together to minimize the bumps that he would have to take. That might not sound like an exciting, five-star classic of a match, but the live crowd, wherever they might be, would eat it all up with a spoon just to see Bryan back in the ring.

Scenario #2 - He meant what he said on Talking Smack, and he'll try to wrestle elsewhere when his WWE contract expires: This one also excites a lot of people. Bryan Danielson returning to Ring Of Honor? Bryan Danielson returning to New Japan for the first time since 2004? Bryan Danielson traveling the world to take on the likes of Zack Sabre Jr, Ricochet, Jeff Cobb, and countless others? Bryan Danielson being a huge signing for Impact Wrestling, possibly giving them a boost of momentum they sorely need? The possibilities are endless.

It's not exactly a secret that the man wants to wrestle. It's just about the only thing he has done with his life, and it's all he has ever wanted to do. For as much as it hurt us to see him walk away from the ring, it hurt him ten times as much. Even with the injury history he has, you know that there will be wrestling companies all over the globe tripping over themselves in an attempt to book him for at least one show should he leave WWE. If WWE won't allow him to step in a ring and wrestle again, best believe that someone will, whether it's a good idea or not.

Scenario #3 - He won't return to the ring, but his feud with The Miz will lead to him choosing a surrogate that will wrestle "for him": When this idea began to pick up steam, the name most people were choosing for that role was Samoa Joe, based on his history with Bryan and the fact that Smackdown seemed to provide more opportunities for new names to get some shine. Obviously, the ship has sailed on Joe being chosen to wrestle The Miz in Daniel Bryan's place for the near future, but it's not like there are zero options left. Shinsuke Nakamura, Kassius Ohno, Hideo Itami and Roderick Strong are names in NXT that have connections, one way or another, to Bryan's past and their call up to the main roster can be used in a manner such as this. If you want to dig a little deeper into the fantasy booking world, we're supposed to get another "Draft" this year, consisting of the Commissioners and General Managers being able to choose from the other side's roster of non-protected and non-champion names. Raw has people like Cesaro, Sheamus, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and... yes... Samoa Joe that could end up on Smackdown before the year is over, and they all have ties to Bryan, as well. Before you say it, I'm well aware that a match like Cesaro vs The Miz isn't on the same level of excitement generated for many of you that Nakamura vs The Miz would be, but I'm simply covering all bases here.

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