The Spare Room: Time To Right The Wrong With Big Cass

Well... Big Cass isn't having the best week ever, is he?

In no surprise to just about everyone, splitting Cass and Enzo up has been a complete failure on numerous levels. Crowd reactions for both men probably weren't what the company was expecting or hoping for. Enzo's promos seemed to ramble and repeat themselves. More and more people began to notice the not-quite-ideal physique of Cass. Their matches were one-sided (they should be) and pointless (they shouldn't be).

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Now, to put the sauce on the turd burger, Cass has torn his ACL and possibly his medial meniscus, which will put him out of action for what could end up being up to a year.

I haven't made it a secret that I'm not a fan of Cass. His in-ring work is average, at best, while his mic skills and charisma fall somewhere in line between what Dean Malenko had and what an avocado possesses. He simply needs Enzo to help him, because Enzo's ability on the microphone helps hide Cass' weaknesses. On the other hand, though, Enzo needs Cass, because Enzo is hot, steaming garbage in the ring. He's only good for getting his rear end handed to him, before making the hot tag to Cass, who can come in and clean house for a minute or two. They needed each other, but because a certain someone in WWE management gets goosebumps at the mere thought of a "hoss" wrestler becoming a star, Cass had to get a push as a singles wrestler, no matter the cost.

Now what?

Enzo appears to be moving to 205 Live and might be next in line for a title shot against Cruiserweight Champion Neville. That will be the ultimate test of Neville's in-ring skills. If he can carry Enzo to a good match or two, he deserves a raise. If he can carry Enzo to a really good match or two, he deserves a shot at the Universal Title at some point. I'm aware that many people are upset with Enzo moving to 205, but the company had to do something. Interest in 205 Live has been dwindling, and the star power of the 205 roster isn't exactly top notch. Adding someone like Enzo can possibly help them bring in more viewers and attention. Consider it something of a last ditch effort to keep the "brand" going. Now, will Enzo be involved on 205 for the entire time Big Cass is away from the ring? I hope not, because I just don't see it being a good long-term idea, as again... he is straight trash in the ring.

What about Cass, though? What happens to him when he returns? The thing with wrestlers having to miss a lot of time with injuries is that they almost always receive big face pops when they return, no matter what their alignment was when they got hurt. Do we think that continues with Cass? I don't think there's any doubt that he'll get a face pop when he returns, whether it's announced or a surprise. That goes against everything it seems WWE has been working to achieve. What if WWE decides to retcon everything we've seen recently? Maybe they realize they made a huge mistake, and we'll see Cass make his return and save Enzo from getting a two-on-one beating. That will get a huge face pop, and then we can have them back together as a tag team. The explanation isn't exactly difficult to pull off. We've already seen a tease of it when Enzo tried to talk Cass out of walking away, and Cass basically said: "you are annoying, but you're still my brother" before hitting him again. Putting them back together doesn't mean Cass has to give an endless string of compliments to Enzo about how great of a person he is. It just means he can admit that their friendship and brotherhood is more important to him than anything else. Many of you reading these words probably have someone in your life that you grew up with and have formed a very tight bond with, but you can admit that the person is something of a douche. However, when the chips are down, you know that person has your back, and you have their back, as well. It's a story we can all relate to, and that's precisely the type of wrestling storyline that makes money in this era of the business.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, ladies and gentlemen... Big Cass is NOT going to work as a singles star, and neither is Enzo. Everything we've seen since Cass turned heel has only proven that to be true. WWE has several months to think things through and to figure out a way to make people care once again. There's only one real "right" decision to make, though. Only time will tell if they can make it happen.

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