Special: The Cosmic Wasteland Is Officially No More

Back in September of 2015, Cody Rhodes, in the form of Stardust, joined Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension to create a stable called The Cosmic Wasteland.

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It was pretty stupid and largely went nowhere. In a word, they sucked. They had a feud with Neville and The Lucha Dragons that lasted approximately 5 minutes, and there was thing for a while where The Cosmic Wasteland would sit in the crowd during Cesaro matches with a "Stardust Section" sign and mockingly cheer for him...

... but I'm pretty sure that never even lead to a match, let alone an actual program. Oh, and one time, they tried to steal Christmas or something like that.

WWE Creative forgot all about them pretty quick and they faded away without ever addressing whether they broke up or what. Then Cody Rhodes--who was understandably just about f*cking DONE with playing Stardust at this point--asked for and was granted his release. The Ascension stuck around WWE and continued being The Ascension. Too bad for them.

Rhodes was very excited to start his new career on the independent scene, and Tweeted out this now-famous image:

Turns out Cody had a list of guys he wanted to face once he was fully freed of his contract on August 19th. Now since then, he's wrestled Kurt Angle in the middle of a baseball diamond in a place called Wappingers Falls, New York (He won.), he appeared at PWG BOLA, and he's joined TNA, where he wrestles with his wife (former WWE ring announcer Eden Stiles) and isn't allowed to use his own last name because it's the property of Vince McMahon now. He got to cross "The Miracle" off that list too, when he and his wife wrestled Mike Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis. (They won.) He'll certainly cross more names off that list in the future.

Now, I present all of that to you to give you context before I show you this:



Apparently there is something called PWA Xmas Slam happening in three weeks, and at this event, Cody Rhodes will be facing Michael R. Blais, who is an indy wrestler that looks like a long lost Young Buck brother with Alexa Bliss's hair.

He's actually quite talented:

And I'm sure the match with Cody Rhodes will be very entertaining, and a great addition to the holiday festivities for all in attendance at Xmas Slam.

But that's not why I'm writing this article.  I'm writing this article because apparently, Michael Blais and Cody's old running buddy Viktor, are boys.  And Viktor done just picked a side.

"A beating he never forgets?"

Wow, that's cold.

Imagine Cody's reaction when he saw this traitorous Tweet. Well, you don't have to imagine it, actually, because HERE IT IS:

Just look at that emoji. He's crushed.

This was a truly stunning betrayal that Cody never saw coming. We've seen no comment from Konnor on the situation, but we're just going to assume that he's with his tag partner on this one.

So that's it. Pour one out for the Cosmic Wasteland, because brother, they're DONE.

A truly un-noteworthy wrestling faction comes to an ignominious end.

Join me in mourning by pressing play on this next embedded video, then scrolling down to watch the GIF, so we can all remember the Cosmic Wasteland in happier times, together.

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
The circle of life.


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