Squash City: Koko B. Ware Earns His Hall Of Fame Ring With A Shoot Brainbuster

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If anyone tells you Koko B. Ware doens't belong in the Hall of Fame, show them this and tell them to shut the hell up.

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My old pal David Bixenspan introduced me to this one last year. It didn't disappoint. 

February 1, 1986. A 28-year old, pre bird Koko Ware is just months away from signing with the World Wrestling Federation. He's working in CWA against the Patriot, who is referred to on commentary as "The Masked Patriot."  I can't blame the dude. If he gets his ass stomped like this on a regular basis, I wouldn't want my face seen, either.

It took all of five seconds and a slap for homeboy to piss off Koko. Ware unleashes some tame enough looking smacks to the back before uncorking a clothesline that Stan Hansen would look at and say "MAYBE EASE UP A BIT, DICK."

Needless to say, The Patriot realized it at this point....

What followed were some sick punches and stomps, before Ware hits a SHOOT BRAINBUSTER (which he called the Ghostbuster) to pick up the win in over a minute, then slapped the Patriot during a pin. My god. That was horrifying.

When I asked Bix about any possible story he had about this.

I couldn't find the match anywhere on Koko's cagematch profile, probably because he had to work really hard to have it expunged from his record. That's right up there among the stiffest ass-kickings I've seen in a wrestling ring.

There's a hilarious reaction from Jim Cornette and David Bixenspan below, where Cornette speculates that Maybe Or Maybe Not Del Wilkes was disrespectful and overall terrible in-ring. 

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