Squash City: When The Samoans Obliterated Mike Awesome

Welcome to Squash City, where Fightful.com takes a look at some of the more fun squash matches in pro wrestling history.

Today, the Samoan Swat Team beat up an ECW Champion.

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Before they were the Headshrinkers, and one was The Sultan and Rikishi, the Samoan Swat Team were WCW property. 

First off, if I see two badass Samoans staring me down, walking to the ring to the "Halloween" theme, I'm all set. I'm good. Tap the mat three times, let's do lunch. Call it a day. I'm done. Bye.

Lee Scott and Mike Awesome didn't do that. Mistake. Check out my homeboy in the zebra pants. He could barely get turned around to hit the ropes, only to have his head snagged and subsequently spiked. He then gets a staple of jobber squashes-- a stiff toss to the outside of the ring.

You'd think this is where I'd embed the "NOW YOU HAVE F--KED UP" video. I'm sure he was thinking it, but let's hold off for a few. Scott gets his ass kicked outside the ring, manages to get back in the ring (he's thrown), and then gets chucked into his own corner.  Mike Awesome, excited as shit, tags in. He's in red and yellow, and he's Hulking up, brother!

Nah. He's not. He gets kicked right in the fucking teeth and gets flattened. 

It's time.

That one's sick. SST were being billed as a challenge to the Road Warriors on commentary, and they sure looked it. A super belly-to-back suplex, and a big splash off the top rope. To add insult to injury, they beat these poor bastards with fruit! WHY!?

On replay, the double back body drop on Scott is horrifying. Ya Boy hates taking those for that reason in particular. WCW did a hilarious job with slow motion of this complete reaming.

How about them (pine)apples?


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